Monday, March 2, 2015

The Weeknd

So I like this song a lot.

Just put the lyric video on so you don't have to watch a few minutes of girls butts and crap.

But really this post is just about my weekend.

Since this is my journal, I thought I'd add something that was a big deal on Twitter and in school and stuff. This dress:

Some people see blue and black, some see gold and white. I've seen both. It's crazy. I don't care why people see it differently, I just think it's freaking cool. And crazy how fast it spread!!

Then, I found this list I made more than a year ago! I've completed 15 out of the 22 things which isn't bad since some of them were kinda crazy.

On Friday night we volunteered at a local elementary school's fundraiser activity. It was super boring, but fun because a girl showed up super high and was just going crazy haha. 

When we got home, Makenna found out that she made it into BYU and it was super exciting except her mom was going crazy and it really stressed me out hahahaha

So we went to Cheesecake Factory and celebrated on Saturday!

We also went to the River Market aka my favorite place in the world and got these jelly tubes which are so weirdddddd and Makenna bought the only candy in the Chinese market that were Mexican.
update, gave them to my lunch table composed of all boys, and let's just say they are very immature and disgusting and turn everything into something sexual.

At the Italian market we found this lovely octopi. I wanted to buy it but it was $18.99/lbs and I really need to save my money......and get a job *insert crying face

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