Friday, March 13, 2015

Free Food

I think if I were to come up with a percentage of how many of my posts mentioned food it would be very close to 100%

The best part is that most of the food I didn't even have to buy!
It's so great.
So here's another typical food post because all I do is eat obviously--and go thrift shopping.

So, first, I bought these loafers at Goodwill:

They were only $4.99
Thrift stores are the greatest.

But now to the more important part lol

I went with Savannah and her siblings to Sonic.

(congrats Addie, you are officially cool enough to be on my blog. you're welcome)

I didn't even buy any food, I just ate theirs hahaha
I've decided that the "Lemon Berry Cream Slush" is the BESTEST thing there!
Get it. You won't be disappointed.
Thank you Savannah for helping me discover my new obsession.
I will be buying one everyday after school now because Happy Hour lasts from like 2-4!
Jk....I need to save money.
And not eat junk food.
But next time I really want (need) sugar, that's where you'll find me.

Savannah probably won't be invited to come because she's weird and messy hahahahaha

You know I'm kidding Savannah, we can go anytime you want (;

I hope that was creepy, because that is my main goal in life--to be a weirdo creep.

Craaaaaap. So...I ate a donut at seminary.
That's not a bad thing, except that I'm super addicted to donuts and eating out now.
BUT, they were free so it's a-okay!

Apparently the pink La Mar's donuts are like the best...?
That's what Nina says anyways.
Also, Savannah took the freaking St. Patrick day sprinkles one....

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