Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I'm so healthy *eats ice cream*

Craaaap. Guys why am I obsessed with food?
I seriously will eat everything which is super bad (or good).
Only problem, I'm like the worst cook ever.
Someone please help me and cook with me because I don't think I've actually had anything turn out good in the year.

So....I still post recipes and stuff but I would probably not follow my directions because it usually doesn't turn out well for me.

Especially because I rarely follow the directions myself.

I'm working on eating healthy (ha. hahahahaha.)
one problem....I love ice cream....and donuts...and eating out.
But I mean, I'm making baby steps.

So, instead of ice cream I made a smoothie, and then what I call "Banana Ice Cream" aka like 9 bananas blended up with chocolate syrup and peanut butter swirled within it and then frozen.

The texture is kinda freaking gross, but...I eat everything so might as well eat something a little bit healthier.

so here you go makenna. yes i take pictures of pretty much everything i eat.

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