Thursday, December 31, 2015


Savannah Morgan

aka Sav

or Sav-age

my bad(bar)



why must all my friends leave me.......

She is moving on to the next(better/harder) part of life:


go BYU!

It really takes a long time to get to know people...I feel like it takes a few months to really get to know someone and feel comfortable with them.

We've been friends for more than a year now so I mean we are bae-sically sisters now.
me, you, banishkin
(and emily but she's not really my sister, sorry)

You are on of the most patient people I know.
Always so caring.
Always good at remembering to take pictures.
Super smart.
Super funny.
Always comments on my instagram photos and likes my tweets lol
Have a genuine good intent.
Good at trying to cheer people up.
Better at gorging yourself with food with me <3

I'm really going to miss you.

I can't wait to join you at BYU, hopefully it doesn't end up me being an awkward 3rd wheeler, or that we don't up getting to see each other for 3 years...

At least we have this summer.

And all these memories to remember why we are best friends:
(food, we are weird, and freaking hot like 70% of the time)

lololol sorry i had to
(we look so different!)

Here's to a great first semester at BYU, don't have too much fun without me, please don't get engaged, but party it up.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

past month....?

I have a really hard time coming up with titles because the gist of all of them is 
"what I've done in the past few weeks"

So I mean this title is a little more creative right?

Were these weeks good?
Well I mean I got the longer end of the wishbone so I mean they kinda had to be...

had Rancho catered for our "pasta night"
cute little DELICIOUS cookies shaped like swimsuits
these were highly underrated
I could go on forever about these sugar cookies
I only ate like 3 and 2 brownies??
go me. i know. i have great self-control.

For our anniversary we went to Stone Canyon for pizza--best pizza ever. I was starving so I mean that helped too, but it was the best taco pizza and spicy bbq pizza I've ever had. Mostly the taco pizza. It was so pretty and hecka good. We were going to do something fun after but I was just really tired and obviously a party we helped his mom put up Christmas decorations. This picture is me being lazy and just sitting on the couch watching him do all the work/stand on the window sill which is kinda actually sketchy.

Oh my goodness I've wanted to go rollerskating for SO long!
FINALLY I got to go.

best. day. ever.

no it wasn't 80's night, but I mean why not pretend it was...?

Wednesday's are also "buck night" so it's like TWO DOLLARS to skate!

okayyyy and transitioning....

My cute little cousins came out to visit us, AND I wore socks with sandals to school like a hottie.

(but really 3rd first friday....)

This time went with Sav, Josh, Cole, and Elizabeth.
It was so great.
Every single time has been amazing.
There's always cool new stuff to see.
AND we found some new galleries! 
(I mean yes we could look at the map, but sometimes it's more fun to walk around aimlessly)

+plaza lights
AND it was so cool because a fountain broke and flooded the streets and guess who was wearing rainboots? 
I'm obviously perfect and can sense these things.
I enjoyed playing in the water while everyone else watched and wished they were me.

^^ Is it sad that I actually would totally do this? ^^
Because I would.
I think I have an obsession with blood.

Obviously need this book.

watched the light show at the big baptist church.
do not recommend
very kind of them to put so much work into it....but very lame....sorry.

We also went to a Créche Exhibit.
I mean it was pretty swaggy.
Free food was swaggier...


Actually do you know what's more of a party?
Missing school.
School is not a party, so going anywhere else is a party.


Basically where all the deep instruments finally have a chance to play the melody and it is hard to tell what they are playing and there were many old people in attendance who (in Benny's opinion) "smell like tunafish".

there were definitely some musicians who went all out. some of them had come from different states, some were like 80 years old, one was like 10, and the cute old man is blue was blind!

My mom is actually a level 8 creeper (I'm a level 10--don't worry, maybe one day you will surpass me and become the new level 11)

Sometimes we just go to Target and walk around....
or TJ Maxx...
or Ross...
or Savers...
We are obviously super cool.

Addie is cooler though because she shared her slushie with us and so sugar rush + blue tongues


I rarely used this card, but I mean it was fun to make...?
I finished with all A's, two A-'s
(stupid accounting and ap language)

Sav's last day at school....
So sad.
What the heck I'm like the only one left.

Went ice skating at Crown Center!
I really wanted to go for a long time and I finally got too.
Life is great.

casually climbing on all the kids toys and stuff....
i almost fell off. it was terrifying.

Then went to Star Wars that night!
Basically trying to do as much stuff as we could before I left to Utah haha

Yes it was amazing.
However, it was very similar to the 4th movie and highly predictable.
But I was so pumped up after it.