Sunday, May 29, 2016

Today I Flew a Plane

When I showed up originally, we couldn't go flying because it was so windy! Fortunately the next day it was perfectly still and had clear skies. I found a pilot to take me up through a program called Young Eagles. You essentially can learn how to check a plane before you fly and then go up for a free ride if you are I had to take advantage of it before I got old.

This plane is a 2 seater and is essentially a "sport plane". As in it has very touchy steering and is a little harder to control. He let me control it though and I didn't crash so that was very good! We flew all the way to Independence and back. Take off was simple since it naturally starts raising off the ground at just 40 mph; landing is much harder though. Since it is so light, you have to slow it down a lot and drop altitude quickly. When we tried to land we kept hitting air pockets and didn't want to miss the runway so we had to circle around and try again. It wasn't that rough of a landing--compared to commercialized planes. I'd totally take my kids to fly though (when I have them lol...and am married...and out of college...)

Don't worry, I know that my choice of fashion is spectacular.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Congratulations to myself.
I graduated.
wow wow wow 
This day could not come fast enough!

I literally woke up 5 minutes before we had to leave so that's why I look so ugly which sucks but oh well man.

When walking to our seat on the floor, my line messed up twice because of the kid in front of me. We went to the wrong row twice. Who does that. Good think I really didn't care and just wanted to get out of there. I also apparently wasn't allowed to wear a lei?? What the heck Liberty, I hate you. But I still did anyways. Which was good because if they didn't I would have thrown a huge fit and said it was cultural or something. Looking back now, it all seems surreal. Maybe I should have taken it more seriously, because I feel like it didn't happen.

I wore a red and white carnation lei my mom made, but my grandma and aunt both made me money leis. My aunt's is the one above and it was so cool!

After we had a graduation party and I took this picture with the extra pink carnations because they were too freaking pretty! And yes my fingers look SO weird. I know man, I know. Also I got that hat for like $7! 
I'd also be the worst stereotypical blogger ever because I am either super enthusiastic or super bored and act like I wasn't excited at all. Also I add weird random things in that aren't necessary whatsoever. Oh well man, what ya gonna do.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Cali Pt. 3

I was originally planning on going up to San Fransisco again, but after the day before, I was so tired. Now I really wish I had just done it, because I never really spent any time in East San Fransisco. Instead I slept in a long long time. It felt amazing. I've never slept more than this trip. I think I was just lacking sleep, so it was good to catch up on all my sleep and not have to go to work for a long time.

I did go to the Great Mall eventually though haha. I had to take the VTA or light rail, and that was nice because it was a really new train they just put in. There was this super super cool dress store there. Literally everything was from China lol, and the prices were raised so high! It was fun trying stuff on though. I really wanted to buy this blue dress in red for prom but my mom said no );

I just liked looking at all the unique designs.

I ended up buying this outfit from Old Navy though:

Old Navy is my favorite store in the whole world.

There was also a Jollibee there which was so cool to see! Apparently it is a Filipino fast food restaurant equivalent to McDonalds. I learned that spaghetti and fried chicken are really big in the Philippines. I got in the line and holy cow, so intimidating. I was like a full foot taller than all of them--and I'm maybe 5' 4"! It was so funny! It reminds me of my Lolo (tagalog for grandpa) who is like 5 inches shorter than me. I quickly got intimidated because they were all talking really really fast and I didn't want to be that person who they think speaks tagalog and doesn't haha because that happens a lot. Especially with Spanish; apparently I look Mexican too. Look at the menu though! So cool:

I thought I had spent like hours and hours at the mall but it turned out only being like 2! I don't know how people shop for a long time. I get so tired so quickly. I don't know if I just lose interest quickly or I realize that I can't afford most stuff so I quickly move on or what but I just can't last that long. Unfortunately that meant that I didn't have a ride back to the hotel because my dad didn't get off work till 6 and it was like a 45 minute drive. So I took the light rail back to the closest stop and walked back to the hotel for like 40 minutes lol

That night we had sushi, and it was the best shrimp tempura I've ever had! Shrimp tempura is by far my favorite which makes me feel kind of fake because it is fully cooked...but since getting this sushi no other shrimp tempura tastes nearly as good.... They covered the whole roll with the crunch stuff and drizzled a sweet sauce over it all. Oh. My. Goodness. So good. I also tried my dad's spicy salmon roll, and that is definitely now my number 2 favorite. I really like raw salmon though, so it wasn't hard to be my second favorite because its' flavor is so much better than just regular salmon!

The next day we left for KC and I slept in all day again lol I'm so boring. We had more sushi at the airport and it was still really good. Dang I love coast sushi. And I can't wait till the next time I go back! I really want to got to LA and Yosemite, because I don't think I have been to either of those places and I want to hike to the Hollywood sign and see Red Wood trees and stuff.

Sunday, May 1, 2016


1. Got my housing done for Hawaii! I'm staying in Hale 7 (ha-lae) with 3 other girls. Well I'm supposed to have 3 other girls, right now there are only 2....So hopefully we get another roommate! I was really excited though and hardcore tried to stalk them/find them and it took forever! I finally messaged a random girl on Facebook and was like "heyyy random, but are you by any chance going to BYU Hawaii?" and guess what?? She is! And she's my roommate lol. Still trying to find the other one though.

2. Graduated seminary. Thank goodness! I don't know how much longer I could take it. I really really love learning about the scriptures but I did not learn one single thing in my 3 years of early morning seminary in Missouri. Highly recommend online. I wish I could go back and learn from my old teacher in Utah who knew everything you could know and you actually felt the spirit every single time. And if you played a game it was fun. My teacher this year brought donuts often which was nice, but I would rather of had it be a lot more spiritual and not have any treats. I am going to try institute here and I want to buy some of those study guide books, or read through the church manuals. At Hawaii I have to take 2 religion classes a semester to be able to graduate with my associates in a year, so I'm really really hoping those will be amazing. I am so excited to not ever have to play piano again because I always end up messing up because I don't practice and I'm usually sight reading and some idiot will comment on it which drives me insane because none of them can even play piano! I'm grateful for my opportunity to have seminary... and it was good sophomore year... but I look forward to never seeing any of those people ever again.

3. We celebrated my mom's birthday and mother's day a week early this year because my dad will be busier that weekend and I have prom and we would rather have time with everyone. So we had two bouquets of flowers and they are so pretty and make me love flowers so so much! And key lime pie which is one of her favorite desserts. ...I found out that key lime pie is the only dessert that I can't eat a ton of! Unheard of, I know.

4. Vietnamese Food.
I don't like it.
I'm sorry it's just okay....
Glad my family actually tried something new though! 
Also I didn't even notice that guy looking right at the camera lol