Thursday, January 8, 2015

More Thrift Shopping??

How can a school break be fun without thrift shopping?? Oh wait. I've already gone thrift shopping this break...oh well. No harm in going again! 
Makenna and I went to several thrift stores near us and picked up a restored 1940's movie called "Beyond Tomorrow". It was kind of a joke and an impulsive purchase, but I'm interested to see how it turns out! Expect a post about this movie in the future. I bought a pair of old worn out duck boots originally from Bass Pro Shops because all of the L.L. Bean boots are sold out, and because I still can't decide if I like the Sperry boots...I like the J Crew/Sperry duck boots, but I've also heard negative things about them. I figured why not just buy the thrifted ones! They were only $7 and looked like they had gone on many adventures....which makes me look cool even though I've never taken them on an adventure.... Lastly, I found a gorgeous long maroon strapless evening dress. It is too big, but I wanted to add long lace sleeves to it anyways so I'll just have that fixed at the same time. I actually already have my prom dress...I bought it last June haha! Kinda random, but it was actually a really good price because it was right after Prom season! This new maroon dress I plan on wearing to a church sponsored ball in April. The theme is "Old Paris" or something. Even though it's spring I think that maybe the maroon will look okay..? I was originally going to buy a light pink dress but for $8, I thought maroon would be cool as well! 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Diving Invitational

Little late, but I posted two posts on Saturday so I figured I shouldn't post 3......

Here is what happened on Saturday in Columbia, Missouri at Mizzou:

Swim is a common sport, but dive is a little more rare. So that's why I joined dive haha! I joined my sophomore year of high school when I moved to a new school, and have done it ever since! Ever year there is a huge "invitational" meet, and this year I am writing blog posts while waiting for warm up to begin! I woke up at 4:30 this morning so that I would be ready to leave my house at 5 so that I could get on the bus that leaves at 5:15. After a 2 hour drive, we are here and I'm waiting on the side for diving warm-ups to begin. Oh, did I mention that this meet is expected to end at 8 PM?!?!?! We will then get home around 10.... a total of 17 hours.
Warm ups have commenced and I'm just waiting for the dive competition to start....It starts at 12:15 so I should probably get ready, but I'm 23 on the list so it will be awhile before it is my turn.
This meet is an invitational so everyone will do 11 dives. There were supposed to be 52 girls competing (which is A LOT and would take forever!) but 13 girls "scratched" or basically chickened out. If all 52 girls had dived there would have been a cut after 3 dives, then after 5, and then after 8. But since there were only 39 girls, ever girl did 5 dives, and then we had a break as the judges cut 19 girls. Then the top 20 would do 3 more dives, and then the top 16 would move onto the finals.
Finals are going to start in a little bit, I am currently in 15th place (so I made finals). I haven't competed any hard dives today though...if I had actually gone to/had practice the last two weeks I would have been better prepared and would probably be in 12th place at least right now.
I finished finals in 12th place, which is good that I went up, but bad because in my last 3 dives I did a double front flip (it turned out 5's), a front flip full twist (I should have done a full twisting 1.5, but I haven't gone to practice lately...but it was really good with about 6.5/7's), and a reverse dive that was AWFUL....I haven't done one since last year haha I just didn't have my 1.5 either so I had to do at least one since I was already doing a reverse flip.

Not expecting anyone to really understand that. It takes a while, trust me. I haven't even mentioned the naming, for example: 104C's, and 403B's.... they are easy to mix up. Last year at conference, I mixed up an inward dive and reverse dive and failed the ONLY dive of my whole season. I would have gotten 2nd at conference, but I got 7th. It was really frustrating because I should have known my list to begin with...

Hopefully I will have some pictures or videos from my meet...maybe a fail or two... In the future there will definitely be more.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Christmas Day

Christmas day, my little brothers woke up our whole house at 6 and we opened up presents. I usually know exactly what I'm getting because I don't always like what my mom surprises me with... Especially since I pretty much only want clothes. I know many families have cool traditions on Christmas day, but my family spends all day sleeping, watching movies, and eating snack foods. We don't have a special Christmas dinner, we usually just eat Poptarts haha! 
Later that night I went over to Josh's house to participate in one of their family traditions: gingerbread house building/decorating. His little sister was on our team, and I'm not going to lie, our house sucked! We decided that it would be appropriate if we destroyed it haha. It was fun decorating houses at someone else's' house because when we decorate gingerbread houses at my house we aren't allowed to eat any of the candy which is lame. 

After we decorated the houses, we left to go see "Unbroken". Half way through the movie the fire alarm went off and we had to evacuate at exactly midnight. We assumed it was a prank, but we still had to wait outside for 15 minutes while the fire department came and made sure there was no fire. I've never had that happen before, so that itself made it memorable.

Christmas Eve

This Christmas break has been so eventful! So many things to share, so I'm just going to jump into telling my Christmas Eve adventures. Probably TMI for a public blog, but I officially started dating one of my best friends Christmas Eve morning and am excited to see where our relationship takes us! Later that night we attended a Catholic midnight mass (even though we aren't Catholic we were curious in how others worshiped Christ this holiday season). We weren't disappointed, and felt that we could connect more with other religions.