Wednesday, February 28, 2018


yo. just here to document the changing of the seasons. 

my long long hair is gone! 

feels freaking weird, but it's kinda fun lol I'll probably donate 12 inches again in a couple years

Wednesday, February 21, 2018



so of course that made me want to go even more hahaha 

just to show them that they were wrong (;


just a couple jumping pics from bathroom stopsssss


because it reminds me of Kell.

also bc the texas toast is actually manna from heaven


made some dam good jokes

(or maybe just some over used ones lol. but does anyone else remember in 4th grade where Mrs. Hunt was reading Percy Jackson outloud and they were all making "dam" jokes in the book and she was really uncomfortable and I had NO CLUE why and it literally took me until 9th grade to understand because I really didn't know any cuss words *rolls eyes* I am such an innocent child)




$20 parking/hour

lots of walking



have literally been wanting to go here for 7.2 years

my life is now made!!!!!

(78% sure my eyes ARE in fact open. but I mean the sun was really bright......)

FAILED self timer attempt

literally set up the camera, BOOKED IT/risked my life to get this pic smh

(i swear this happens on a regular basis though. do it for the gram, am-i-right???)

something-fire-valley STATE PARK

Monday, January 15, 2018

Nauvoo + Endowments!

This Christmas break was so special! 

And surprisingly it didn't seem overwhelmingly long! (haha sorrrryyyyy)

I was in KC for Christmas, but a couple days after we left for Nauvoo. We got to see a lot of church history sites again (and all for ourselves! maybe the 7 degree highs were enough to deter most sane people....?). It has been a few years since the last time I was there--it's crazy how fast the last 4-5 years have gone....

The main reason we were there though was for me to get my endowments out! I had been wanting to for a little while, but I had some personal issues and setbacks that held me back from being 100% ready. But I finally had a strong desire to! And I had taken all the prep classes and talked to lots of people and was just in a better place. My mom had asked me if I wanted to get them out in Nauvoo, because of all of the history behind this temple and I decided that I thought that would be really neat! And in doing, ended up in one of the prettiest temples--the interior is CRAZY! Turns out the KC temple is also gorgeous. I've never really had a connection to the KC temple, but now I really really do want to go back to that one! I love "collecting" temples and trying to go to as many as I can! It's so much fun for me and also a great spiritual experience.'s some photos since this is literally me writing this in APRIL ahhhhhhh