Friday, February 26, 2016

Summer Shoe List

With the hopes and anticipation of attending to Hawaii I have been diligently making long lists of dresses, swimsuits, shoes, and just clothing in general. I mean regardless of going to Hawaii or not these are still relevant, but the thought of attending college in Hawaii makes it a lot more exciting!

Here is my short inexpensive(lol) list of shoes I would like to purchase for Summer 2016:

...I'm almost certain I'll have a few more to add within a month, but it's a start lol

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Valentine's 2016

Hola Chaquetas.
Hope your 4 day weekend has been as lovely as mine!

On Friday we didn't have school, so Benny and I went to get donuts at 6:30.
I've been craving donuts(sugar) for a long time(forever) so it was great!

We went to Ray's, Joe's, Lamar's, Donut King, and the Doughnut Lounge.
I asked for a big box at pretty much every place and I was met with ridicule, condescending tones, and disdainful glares. One place even made us pay 48 cents for a box that wasn't even the one I wanted and then made a big deal about it which was ludicrous because donuts aren't like super expensive things. We don't live in New York, these aren't famous designer donuts. They are chain donuts/cheap donuts.....

Oh well. Eventually we did get a big box and now I realize that we should have bought a billion more and filled the whole box, that would have been awesome!

It's okay though because I'm already on the road to diabetes and I don't need anymore donuts. We did however find an awesome place: Doughnut Lounge. I really want to go back and get some of their crazier donuts! They had like a goat cheese one, donuts and gravy, etc.

You already know I'm going to be back right? (right Benny?)

I can't really remember what we did the rest of the day.... free Chipotle (I don't pay for food)
...probably cuddled on the couch (typical)
...watched scooby-doo (bc it's the shiz)
....complained about going to work (also typical)

On Saturday, I went to Target and Walmart and Hy Vee because Benny was busy and I was super bored. Look what I found at Target; it was already like that

So cute, so cute.
He was finally un-busy and came and picked me up and gave me a few presents.
He spoiled me way too much...
and I loved every single thing he gave me!

(specifically the joggers. I FREAKING LOVE THOSE SO MUCH! i love sweats.)

these macarons were pretty bomb too though.
i really want to make some more now, but this time covered in chocolate!

That night we watched my brother's so my parents could go out to eat. We went to my brother's basketball game and then to HyVee for Chinese(aka the best Chinese, only slightly partial) and then watched a really lame pinewood derby movie. Then we made a fort downstairs and watched Batman...but really only I did because he fell asleep (which is super unusual because usually I'm the one who falls asleep).

On Sunday I got Sav's valentine card

And then Valentine's from my fambam:
(the back one is from my dad. feeling' the love)

We had fondue for dinner, and then I went over to Benny's and played games and just hung out with his family. It was a good weekend.


Sunday, February 14, 2016

New News

So I had this really good idea that I would try to make like a bajillion different types of valentines treats for fun.

Well I made two different kinds and then decided I was too tired to keep this up...

Mostly because I made these sugar cookie bars which are amazing but I couldn't even make them Valentine's themed because we didn't have Valentine's sprinkles so I just made them Christmas.

Have yet to make my mini cheesecakes in these super awesome springform pans we just bought!

Casually makes same cookie bars again because they were so good....
Forgot to mention that the first time I ate the whole pan of them because they were so good--the second time I shared. I really regret sharing now though because I wanted to eat them all..

Did you know that during February every Wednesday has a free breakfast food?
Obviously we are going every Wednesday because nothing is better than free food.

Finally tried bubble tea/smoothie thing!
I tried making those little tapioca pearls before and I thought I didn't make them right because I didn't like them....nope. I made them right. Still don't like them that much haha I just drank the smoothie, it was a bomb mango smoothie <3

Addie got some beignets from the best place in Kansas City aka the only place in KC with beignets.

Proceeded to this super cool old little burger joint. It was amazing to see how small it was but how many people came to get stuff! And the workers even recognized and knew people and their "usuals" it was that kind of feel.

casual. casual.

Goodnight loves
xoxo, me and my Asian eyes