Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Healthy Eats

Today is the technical day 3 of our juicing cleanse.
Here's what's been happening:

Day 1:

Kicked off our eating healthy with donuts!
Makenna is the best/worst friend ever.
We both ate two.
Well technically her dog ate most of my chocolate one haha
(we don't know how he's still alive! he's so dumb. and ugly.)

this donut matched my shirt, so cuuuute right??

We discovered we don't even have a juicer!
We blended up carrots and celery and oranges....and I think I stuck some other stuff in but I don't remember....
We were pumped.

We aren't pumped anymore.
We blended up that stuff and then strained it.
Apparently strainers don't work all that well.
The texture was atrocious.
Here's the video of us drinking it.
We threw up in the sink. 
And spit up all over her computer hahaha

Soooo......that was dinner!

3 hours later we found someone who had a juicer!
We put all of our beets and carrots and crap in it juiced all over itself.

We started attempting to juice at 4 and finished at like 9.
It took 5-everrrrrr

Day 2:
We consider smoothies as juice....
It was an alright day with our blueberry/kale smoothie

Then came lunch and our beet, carrot, kale, orange, (?) juice.
Makenna probably didn't even finish it. Loser.
I chugged it with my nose plugged.

After school.....we may or may not have eaten dinner.....
Okay, I did.
But it was soup, so it wasn't that much of a difference right??

Yeah....I'm obviously really good at this.

BUT, after dinner I juiced for the next day!
So I guess I'll just have smoothies for breakfast, juice for lunch, and eat dinner. Close enough.

All of this made like 1 cup of juice! What the heck.
So yeah, basically crying this sucks.

Day 3:

Made another smoothie for breakfast, but just for me and Savannah.
Had the nasty juice for lunch.
It made my mouth feel warm and it had a shockingly plant taste. (okay, so I know it was all plants to begin with but it was extra plant-y. it was so nasty.)

Okay. I'm done with this juicing thing. This sucks.

Tip: eat healthy but only juice like one meal a day because it sucks.

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