Wednesday, March 25, 2015

My Favorite Food

Is this my 3rd post today? 
Oh yeah it is.
You're welcome.
Obviously I just have a lot of weird random stuff going on.
This really is important though.
Like life changing.
This recipe is crazy good!


chocolate covered crickets.

Oh you think I'm kidding?
I'm not.
I'm crazy I know.
And they actually weren't that bad.

So here's the "recipe":

i basically made it up.

1. Buy crickets from Petsmart hahahahah
they are 14 cents. 
yes, i'm dead serious!

2. Stick those sucker in the freezer so they stop jumping around.

notice: they all are at the bottom not moving...

3. Dump them in a pot of boiling water to clean them

4. Drain

5. Bake them in the oven on parchment paper unless you want those critters on your cookie sheets...

it don't matter the heat haha i just put them in for a random amount of time and heat

6. Start covering them!

 7. Put them on wax paper and pop them in the fridge!

8. Eat.

So yummy right???

Haha I actually did eat one. 
Yeah, just one.
It tasted like a Kit Kat.
Isn't that awful?

They were a success though!
Lot's of people tried them and though it was funny!

Okay, night y'all.

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