Monday, March 30, 2015

Jeff Cityy

Sooo it's spring break. 

Instead of being really cool and going to the beach or anywhere outside of Missouri, Savannah and I were really cool and went to Jefferson City the capitol of Missouri.
(pretty much as cool as you can get in the midwest)

Here's the picture overload:

waking up at 5:30 is so much fun....

yay for donuts! 
and easter
and easter egg donuts
good thing i took it out before savannah dropped the whole box on the ground

 Murals and graffiti are the best.
They are my favorite things guys!!
So naturally we gotta take these pictures:
(favorite pictures ever)

super entertained by the glass floors.

then entertained by the little kid exhibits....
we threw "coal" into the machine thing for like 30 min...
blowing the wind turbines is a cool thing to do 

no words....
savannah likes putting her head into fans?

the "Jesus store" had a santa visiting Jesus...selling these in the spring/summer. good idea.

Missouri's hall of fame:

Walt Disney came from Missouri
Yes I look awkward.
Sorry I'm so freaking short and can't reach...

Girl I'm copying who I don't know....

REALLY cool drinking fountains!
holy heck I'm so weird
the windows are pretty pretty

I don't know if we were allowed to go in here...or take we just took them fast

 Missouri State Capitol:

climbing and climbing guys
that's all i have to say
lot's of steps

first we made it to the "whispering chamber"
you could hear everything that was happening
it got pretty loud

but we went higher
hardly anyone gets to go this high!

awkward selfie
and coolio photo

look how pretty Missouri is
so much prettier than cancun right?

even higher

supa fun library ladders
wow....i just realized that i really am like 5...
i'm entertained by the ladders, and floors, and drinking fountains...

took a quick 45 min nap...then the security officer kicked us out...

we sat in a committee meeting and it was actually super SUPER cool
i never thought that i'd want to have a government job or want to be a lawyer but i would totally be either!

no pics (unfortunately) but there were soooo many cute interns.
i think we walked around the capitol a billion times
like every floor a billion times
and there were billions of cuties so it was worth it
good story right?

(besides boys...those always tie. boys and food)

i love food guys...
i love food.


Sunday, March 29, 2015

why this week has been great

I'm really weird about capitalization so I just put the title in all undercaps because I didn't know which words to capitalize without making it really weird looking.

basically this is my super lame no picture post

I'm either super positive and happy and crazy or super pessimistic and crazy there is like no in between.

So I'm trying to be happy right now and make a list of all the little things I can think of that made this week super great:

(not in order because i have a bad memory)

made lemon bars and reese's eggs

told my church leader about how i wanted to spike the punch at my wedding to make it more fun

drove around a new development and accidentally found people making out (or something else...) in their car and awkwardly turned around while brighting them

was happily surprised when the women's conference ended at 8:30 instead of 9 like i thought it would

ate my heart out at cici's pizza because food is life

watched my friends play video games because i'm not very good at them but i like company

sang in church choir. it was fun i promise

watched like 20 episodes of arrow aka the best show ever

i got a new key for my car so now i feel so cool because my button works again

free new frozen cream lemonade stuff at chick-fil-a (i get so much free food...)

wore a super preppy cute outfit

my grandma cut the top of my dress off and made it into a skirt

i did well on all my tests

it's spring break

getting no sleep (i feel like i'm getting lots of stuff done and i'm slap happy)

i reread my patriarchal blessing

made deviled eggs

made a pre-game pump up station on spotify because i'm bad-a

is that all? probably not. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

My Favorite Food

Is this my 3rd post today? 
Oh yeah it is.
You're welcome.
Obviously I just have a lot of weird random stuff going on.
This really is important though.
Like life changing.
This recipe is crazy good!


chocolate covered crickets.

Oh you think I'm kidding?
I'm not.
I'm crazy I know.
And they actually weren't that bad.

So here's the "recipe":

i basically made it up.

1. Buy crickets from Petsmart hahahahah
they are 14 cents. 
yes, i'm dead serious!

2. Stick those sucker in the freezer so they stop jumping around.

notice: they all are at the bottom not moving...

3. Dump them in a pot of boiling water to clean them

4. Drain

5. Bake them in the oven on parchment paper unless you want those critters on your cookie sheets...

it don't matter the heat haha i just put them in for a random amount of time and heat

6. Start covering them!

 7. Put them on wax paper and pop them in the fridge!

8. Eat.

So yummy right???

Haha I actually did eat one. 
Yeah, just one.
It tasted like a Kit Kat.
Isn't that awful?

They were a success though!
Lot's of people tried them and though it was funny!

Okay, night y'all.

Waffle Day...?

So is today "National Waffle Day"?
No Savannah, because we live in the United States not Sweden.
Oh well.
so interesting right?! i love stuff like this. so america's waffle day is august 24
better add that to my calendar.

I could make waffles....or I could make WONUTS!
wonut = waffle + donut

Pretty legit right?

basically you just make waffles, then....fry them haha, glaze them, drizzle chocolate on them, and put sprinkles/ice cream/sugarrrrrr

so professional right? lol of course this waffle ended up flooding out of the sides and I had to clean the whole waffle iron after....

decorate.? yesss please.

tried not frying them too, wasn't quite as good. also eating one the day after is not recommended.

So happy Swedish waffle day!

I'm so healthy *eats ice cream*

Craaaap. Guys why am I obsessed with food?
I seriously will eat everything which is super bad (or good).
Only problem, I'm like the worst cook ever.
Someone please help me and cook with me because I don't think I've actually had anything turn out good in the year.

So....I still post recipes and stuff but I would probably not follow my directions because it usually doesn't turn out well for me.

Especially because I rarely follow the directions myself.

I'm working on eating healthy (ha. hahahahaha.)
one problem....I love ice cream....and donuts...and eating out.
But I mean, I'm making baby steps.

So, instead of ice cream I made a smoothie, and then what I call "Banana Ice Cream" aka like 9 bananas blended up with chocolate syrup and peanut butter swirled within it and then frozen.

The texture is kinda freaking gross, but...I eat everything so might as well eat something a little bit healthier.

so here you go makenna. yes i take pictures of pretty much everything i eat.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Temple Tuesdays

Currently I'm not in a sport and still don't have a job.
However I've found plenty of ways to keep busy!
Filled with lots of thrift shopping and cooking, but I also decided that I want to try to go to the temple once a week, or at least twice a month since our temple now has walk-ins.

Today was the 2nd time I've gone just with a friend and not with my ward or family, the last time was a few days ago with Sav. 

I didn't have an angels singing moment where I felt like I was in heaven because the spirit was so strong, but I did feel like there was nothing in the world worth getting upset over. Everything felt like it would work out eventually. 

The temple workers were super sweet and old haha
The first one asked our name after each 10 times.
The second did the same, but he also had a German accent which was super cute

so there's your awkward selfie for the day...if you tilt the computer just right you might be able to see my face. the temple looks amazing though. like it's so powerful and bright and pure.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Weekend round up

Thursday counts as the weekend too fyi.

Savannah and I went to the temple which was much needed. I totally forget that we can do walk-ins now. I want to go once a week. I guess I can try....

like the picture I took???? 
jk it's from the web. we never took a picture, bummer.

So guess what Friday was! March 20 was the 6th annual French macaron day! (just pretend like I live in New York, I actually looked up plane tickets because there were so many bakeries that were giving out fake macarons! I probably could've gotten hundreds! Especially if I had different disguises.)

I made macarons in honor of the holiday.

On Friday Savannah and I skipped schoooool!
jk we aren't really the rebel type. we shadowed some civil engineers.
I wore my super cute Ralph Lauren blazer and you can't even see it. So disappointed.

We shadowed Savannah's aunt and her boss, her boss had a super funny dog. It was so fat and did really weird things when it barked.

Here's a 2 second video of it for you haha

After school I went with Makenna dress shopping!
Did we end up buying a dress? No....
But we did try on these pretty dresses and take a picture AND THE PICTURE ACTUALLY LOOKS GOOD! That is so rare. Usually one of us looks awful haha

made it super big because i like it. admire my beautiful tag.
We did get Sonic after so it was still a good day!!
What did I get? Guess.
Yep, a lemon berry cream slush.
I think I'm obsessed. Also I just like saying it. It just flows so beautifully.
lemon berry cream slush

makenna got her normal cherry slush which tastes like crap. but at least i know what to get her if i ever want to be really nice and actually buy the food.... she also gets this pretty picture posted because she deleted the one that we took and i was going to cry.


Okay. Saturday tradition. RIVER MARKET!
Yes, I go a lot.

This time I brought new people! Savannah and Benny came! 
this picture was very dangerous because she decided to take it while I was going 70 on the free-way and I didn't realize till after that I didn't actually need to look since I had sunglasses on...oh well.

I got one of those roll things with the coconut in them? I can't remember what they are called but it was at the asian market and they are sooooo good. And it was like $1. Asian markets are the best. Ignore the right side of my face. Obviously something tragic is happening to it.)

Tried the chicken empanada, it was "Brazilian pot-pie style...?". It was good but not worth the freaking $3.75 or whatever. Also Benny obviously doesn't know the rules of coming to the river market with me. Rule #3, you must get something different than me, or at least tell me what you are getting so I get something different because I like seeing everything and if you get the same thing as me then we aren't experiencing as many new things as possible! 

I came home with all of these... I didn't even eat any of them while I was there....
The gum was nastayyyy it was like a weird herbal flavored kind! The soda was SO cool just because of how you open it. Maybe I'll post a video next time because it was freaking awesome! I actually gave it to Kaelin though because I'm trying not to drink soda, so I had a sip. The strawberry flavor Benny bought was better than the mango one I bought. I'll probably try lychee next time because they were only like $1.50. The weird gummy stuff in the wrapper had pistachios in it and was $.50. Savannah bought a different one that was white and it was soooo much better, it was marshmallow-y and delicious!

Okay, so we first picked them up with gloves. Good idea right? Because I'm scared. I screamed multiple times that day and freaked out at the store while buying them....

But look!!! So brave now! My hand is on the right. I actually touched them. Kaelin definitely did it first though...if he hadn't have picked one up I probably wouldn't have...

Quick story: when I was dumping them into the pot of boiling water, one of the critters held on the the strainer and I didn't notice until after I was over by the sink. I freaked out and dropped it on the floor and screamed! Then Makenna and Savannah started screaming, and then we hear a fourth scream from my 7 year old brother in the front room hahahaha! All the while Benny picked the strainer up and started shaking it over the water and at one point dipped it in the water and splashed water all over the floor haha totally worth it. It was so funny.

Taking so long to boil.....Benny got impatient and went on a Sonic run! You da best. 

If anyone wants to buy us Sonic, get Sav an "Ocean Water", me a "Lemon Berry Cream Slush", and Kenna a "Cherry Slush" (capitalize them too because they are that important). I'm totally fine with a small though. Thanks Benny for buying us larges though!!!

Imma little sassy.

Picture of just Makenna because I found it and she wasn't in the last one for some reason. 
You're welcome.

Here's our mini crawfish boil. So cute and legit because it's on newspaper. We obviously need real New Orleans peeps to show us how it's done because we just threw in corn, beans, potatoes, salt and pepper, and the crawfish in water and hoped it would turn out okay.

Am I basic?Yes. I can't believe I actually took a selfie in the car. Wow......I'm disappointed in myself.

Sunday we went to 3 hours of church and then drove 40 minutes to a different ward in search for cute boyysssss. Did we find any? Yeah, but none of them talked to us/they were taken/yes. Their loss. We looked fabulous, not going to lie. I wore my red dress from Savers. Yep, it was cute though. Trust me. I'll probably be wearing it lots more.