Tuesday, March 17, 2015

St. Patrick's Day

Yes I know that St. Patrick's day was two days ago and that I'm just posting now (It's March 20 but I scheduled it to post 3 days before...).
It's because I didn't want to post too much, but then I realized I have way too much time on my hands and I'm not famous and only two people read this so I can do whatever I want! I have to constantly remind myself that I'm not famous and that this really is just my journal because sometimes I like to pretend like I'm famous (or an asian Olivia...because I'm obsessed with her).

So anyways, what's new:

My mom wanted us to make a fire. No objections here! I just ate s'mores for dinner, it's a great life.

My really cool pictures I took with my super nice camera (iPhone 5)
I'm so artsy right?

Now to the real reason for this post.
Okay, actually not even holidays...just any day that isn't ordinary.
So I basically try to find something to do every day that is unique (thrift shopping will always be unique so that makes like 3 days a week unordinary haha)

Basically everyone told me that it was a stupid holiday, but I don't care because I got to wear green and put a bow in my hair and felt super pumped all day! I wore my tie dye shirt so basically I dressed up for tie dye tuesday AND St. Patrick's day.
I'm killin' it guys.

Ate lucky charms for breakfast because #soholidayspirited (crying inside because I just typed that)

Free pancakes? AGAIN?? Yep I went again.
Right after seminary.....

AND right after school....
I almost went again at 6:30, and if it was free till 10 like last time we were going to go at 9:30. I still have yet to go to IHOP 3 times in the same day. Ugh, I almost got 4 times in one day.

I don't think I even made this skirt on St. Patrick's day...I can't even remember. Oh well.
Makenna and I visited our old friend Mary and we started making our skirts. I was there for an hour and didn't even finish my super simple skirt. So as much as I love her I took it home and finished it in 5 min. It's really long... So I will definitely be hemming it a little.

Makenna and I also went to Savers. We like switching up the thrift store haha. I think I've been to like every thrift store around us. Maybe I should go to a thrift store in like a close city by us...wow I am obsessed. Or just weird. 

Buuuutttt I bought these cool (weird) things!

enjoy my super good quality pictures.

I'm obviously super good taking pictures. And making the stuff in them look good.

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