Monday, March 30, 2015

Jeff Cityy

Sooo it's spring break. 

Instead of being really cool and going to the beach or anywhere outside of Missouri, Savannah and I were really cool and went to Jefferson City the capitol of Missouri.
(pretty much as cool as you can get in the midwest)

Here's the picture overload:

waking up at 5:30 is so much fun....

yay for donuts! 
and easter
and easter egg donuts
good thing i took it out before savannah dropped the whole box on the ground

 Murals and graffiti are the best.
They are my favorite things guys!!
So naturally we gotta take these pictures:
(favorite pictures ever)

super entertained by the glass floors.

then entertained by the little kid exhibits....
we threw "coal" into the machine thing for like 30 min...
blowing the wind turbines is a cool thing to do 

no words....
savannah likes putting her head into fans?

the "Jesus store" had a santa visiting Jesus...selling these in the spring/summer. good idea.

Missouri's hall of fame:

Walt Disney came from Missouri
Yes I look awkward.
Sorry I'm so freaking short and can't reach...

Girl I'm copying who I don't know....

REALLY cool drinking fountains!
holy heck I'm so weird
the windows are pretty pretty

I don't know if we were allowed to go in here...or take we just took them fast

 Missouri State Capitol:

climbing and climbing guys
that's all i have to say
lot's of steps

first we made it to the "whispering chamber"
you could hear everything that was happening
it got pretty loud

but we went higher
hardly anyone gets to go this high!

awkward selfie
and coolio photo

look how pretty Missouri is
so much prettier than cancun right?

even higher

supa fun library ladders
wow....i just realized that i really am like 5...
i'm entertained by the ladders, and floors, and drinking fountains...

took a quick 45 min nap...then the security officer kicked us out...

we sat in a committee meeting and it was actually super SUPER cool
i never thought that i'd want to have a government job or want to be a lawyer but i would totally be either!

no pics (unfortunately) but there were soooo many cute interns.
i think we walked around the capitol a billion times
like every floor a billion times
and there were billions of cuties so it was worth it
good story right?

(besides boys...those always tie. boys and food)

i love food guys...
i love food.


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