Sunday, March 29, 2015

why this week has been great

I'm really weird about capitalization so I just put the title in all undercaps because I didn't know which words to capitalize without making it really weird looking.

basically this is my super lame no picture post

I'm either super positive and happy and crazy or super pessimistic and crazy there is like no in between.

So I'm trying to be happy right now and make a list of all the little things I can think of that made this week super great:

(not in order because i have a bad memory)

made lemon bars and reese's eggs

told my church leader about how i wanted to spike the punch at my wedding to make it more fun

drove around a new development and accidentally found people making out (or something else...) in their car and awkwardly turned around while brighting them

was happily surprised when the women's conference ended at 8:30 instead of 9 like i thought it would

ate my heart out at cici's pizza because food is life

watched my friends play video games because i'm not very good at them but i like company

sang in church choir. it was fun i promise

watched like 20 episodes of arrow aka the best show ever

i got a new key for my car so now i feel so cool because my button works again

free new frozen cream lemonade stuff at chick-fil-a (i get so much free food...)

wore a super preppy cute outfit

my grandma cut the top of my dress off and made it into a skirt

i did well on all my tests

it's spring break

getting no sleep (i feel like i'm getting lots of stuff done and i'm slap happy)

i reread my patriarchal blessing

made deviled eggs

made a pre-game pump up station on spotify because i'm bad-a

is that all? probably not. 

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