Saturday, March 14, 2015

Pi(e) Day

Pi day.
Aka best day ever in elementary school/middle school/high school.

In elementary school I can remember multiple years where we considered "pi day" a day where you bring anything that had a circle so we could find pi. So not just pie, but soda, cake, ice was amazing. I remember in 6th grade one of the math teacher made their class learn a song about pi and they went to every class caroling! I also remember another time when my 6th teacher told us that if could memorize the first 100 numbers of pi after 3.14 then she would automatically give us an A! That was the only class I had a B in throughout all of elementary school and middle school (In high school I got a B in College Chemistry and Honors PreCalc w/ Trig *crying* it's alright though because I took extra classes that year and my GPA is a 3.94 so I'm content), but there was no way anyone could ever make me learn all those random numbers!! The very next day, she asked if anyone did it. Everyone attempted but me hahaha but one guy actually did it! I wish I had his memory!

Ah what great memories....all of which involve free food...lovely.

Did you know that this year is special too???
3.1415 (pi)
Coolio right?

So, uphold the traditions right?
Sav and I made this...."interesting" peanut butter pie last night. 
"Interesting because I don't really like peanut butter that brother is allergic to peanuts so we have typically used soy butter, but I'm trying to ease back into peanut butter.
We were going to eat it at midnight but I am kinda crazy at night and either act like I'm high (I've never been high, don't worry) or act like super drunk/zombie like (I've never been drunk either in case you had doubts) and I was a zombie last night. I kinda just stood up and walked out of her house and left haha she thought I was going to the bathroom but I really just went home! Then I got home and my parents thought I was crazy because I took a handful of crackers right when I got home and laid at the couch and stared at the ceiling eating crackers at like 11:55 with the lights off. They thought I was crazy. I don't really know why I did that so I think I really might be.

looooook how cute it is!

On actual pi day I went to volunteer at the thrift store (I volunteer there a lot...and shop there a lot). We originally wanted to volunteer for 3 hours but....I have the attention span of a goldfish (I know that it's the memory of a goldfish but I'm pretty sure they have short attention spans too). Anyways we stayed for an hour...and then we looked around for stuff to buy since they know we volunteer a lot and will sell us clothes for $1 each (I bought the green dress from here too).

So I bought this cool blue tunic and Makenna bought a different blue shirt.
Well actually she bought both since I only had my card and you need to spend $3 or more to use debit/credit. Sorry that was super unnecessary.

It's super cute though! I want to wear it as a swim coverup.

When we left Makenna chose to take the "scenic" route. 
AKA the ugly, middle-of-nowhere, 20 min longer way.
Welcome to Missouri:

It's okay though, I forgive her because then we went to Sam's club and bought cheesecake because that basically the same thing as pie right?? 
We've wanted to buy this cheesecake for a long time. Is that pathetic? We have seriously gone to Sam's and just looked at it like 3 different times. But we finally bought it! It's so good. But SO rich. I could only eat one piece which is saying a lot because usually I can scarf down tons of junk food like it's nothing.

sooo artsy right? i know. i should be pro.

We went to Michael's and this happened.
I was kinda going insane.
I accidentally pushed the fire alarm doors, but they didn't go off.
I found these huge flowers really funny.
I'm weird.
But like seriously, what do people use these for????

Savannah decided to help me overcome my fear of feet and touching people (touching other people is literally my biggest fear. it scares me so much. like even hugging people or having random people accidentally touch me or someone touching my arm when they talk to me. i start hyperventilating. kissing is my biggest fear. i know, i'm pathetic. when i first held hands with someone i got a super bad head ache because i didn't want them to touch me but i did at the same time and i thought i was going to pass out because my head and heart were like at war. lol. i'm weird.)

I'm obviously dying.

Italian ice is the best thing ever am-i-right??
Okay, and ice cream, and donuts, and smoothies.
I was falling asleep all night because I'm pathetic. But then right when I get home I'm super awake even though I have to wake up tomorrow (well actually now it's's not even pi day anymore but I'm still posting.)

More free food today. Like lots. It was great.

I feel like I probably post waaayyyy too much haha I will try to refrain from over posting and telling every little dumb thing in my life haha

Okay. Goodnight all ya'll cool kids.

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