Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Waffle Day...?

So is today "National Waffle Day"?
No Savannah, because we live in the United States not Sweden.
Oh well.
so interesting right?! i love stuff like this. so america's waffle day is august 24
better add that to my calendar.

I could make waffles....or I could make WONUTS!
wonut = waffle + donut

Pretty legit right?

basically you just make waffles, then....fry them haha, glaze them, drizzle chocolate on them, and put sprinkles/ice cream/sugarrrrrr

so professional right? lol of course this waffle ended up flooding out of the sides and I had to clean the whole waffle iron after....

decorate.? yesss please.

tried not frying them too, wasn't quite as good. also eating one the day after is not recommended.

So happy Swedish waffle day!

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