Thursday, February 26, 2015

Back to Freedom

I am finally done with dive.
Well actually I've been done for awhile now, but I can't get over how great freedom feels.

I was super entertained with trying to write cool....kinda a fail. My goal is to learn how to write like this:

This lady's website is amaaazzzzinnnngggg

Here are my feeble attempts while day dreaming in Chemistry....

I promise I'm getting better.

After school Savannah and Makenna and I went "shopping" aka not actually buying anything.
We found these super cool crown things at Altr'd State and so naturally we put them on 

then we made gelato.

I was super excited because I've never made ice cream or gelato in a maker like this, and when it actually started freezing it was sooooo exciting!!

So I made a video of it. I just keep playing it over and over because it makes me happy.
I know, weird.

Really want even more ice cream or gelato right now.....actually I always do.

I can only remember one time when I didn't want anymore ice cream and that was when I met Makenna's grandma and she was the best and bought tons of ice cream for us while we visited. I ate ice cream every meal....and had like 6 meals a day. It was the best week ever. I couldn't eat ice cream for weeks after, but I'm fully recovered!

After school Savannah and I went to Sam's Club just to get frozen yogurt (for me....typical.) and an Icee for her. The guy who we bought them from asked to see her ID when she asked for an Icee and we didn't get that it was a joke, but once he said it was a joke I couldn't stop laughing! I love people like that. We need more funny people.

Then I had our end of season swim and dive banquet. It was incredibly awkward since I don't know many swimmers because our practices are at different times and there's only one other diver....

Maybe I'll find a picture I'm in to post.

Anyways, the coaches talked about each of us, and it was really embarrassing because my coach Dave talked about how I freaked out at the last chance meet and was very "emotional". And then he gave the other diver a hug and I went and sat down because I don't like hugs.... I'm so awkward. Sorry.

We got these cute things though. And I got a bar to add to my letter because I was varsity again, woot woot. ...not that it's hard to be varsity.

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