Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Temple Tuesdays

Currently I'm not in a sport and still don't have a job.
However I've found plenty of ways to keep busy!
Filled with lots of thrift shopping and cooking, but I also decided that I want to try to go to the temple once a week, or at least twice a month since our temple now has walk-ins.

Today was the 2nd time I've gone just with a friend and not with my ward or family, the last time was a few days ago with Sav. 

I didn't have an angels singing moment where I felt like I was in heaven because the spirit was so strong, but I did feel like there was nothing in the world worth getting upset over. Everything felt like it would work out eventually. 

The temple workers were super sweet and old haha
The first one asked our name after each confirmation...so 10 times.
The second did the same, but he also had a German accent which was super cute

so there's your awkward selfie for the day...if you tilt the computer just right you might be able to see my face. the temple looks amazing though. like it's so powerful and bright and pure.

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