Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Gingerbread Houses

I fall into the category of people who want to best at everything. In this case--building gingerbread houses. In a contest with me and Cole on one team and Savannah and Ryan on the other, we created these two houses:
 Which do you think is the best?
Personally I think that the one on the left is (I am completely unbiased though). I would just like to say that Cole and my house started out better. I promise it did. But then it fell...and then we just threw a bunch of random candy on top... But we should definitely get extra points for our guest house, weird tree, and melted snowman. 
Making houses really gets you in the mood for Christmas. Can you believe Christmas is in only two days?? If only we could get some snow, then it could be a white Christmas...

Merry Christmas!
Love, Mikaylie 

Monday, December 22, 2014

Savvy Sew...People

I really wanted my title to be "Savvy Sewers" because it just rolls off the tongue and is catchy. But then I realized that "sewer" isn't a word..? Well it is. It just refers to sewage. "Savvy Seamstresses" doesn't quite sound right, so I chose the poorest title post because if you can't be the best be the worst (I don't recommend living by this rule).
Anyways, we decided to start our altering as soon as we got home because we couldn't contain our excitement!

Don't we look so crafty?!
So surprised that we actually didn't ruin our stuff. They actually turned out really well!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Treasure Hunt

Officially 2 days into Christmas break! I already know these two weeks will go by too fast. To kick it off, Makenna and I visited "The Plaza" and adored the beautiful lights that are so poorly conveyed in these pictures. A cute date would consist of window shopping and riding in one of the many carriage rides... (the one in the picture holds about five families, but there are other Cinderella-like carriages that are adorable and are for one couple).

I didn't really buy anything at the Plaza, because my clothing obsession tends to leave me broke. However, the next day we went to a local thrift store that I frequently volunteer at. As a volunteer I get to preview the clothes that come in, and about a week ago a truck load of brand name like-new condition clothes came in. I figured I should use this knowledge to my advantage and seize the opportunity. I bought four items: a plaid skirt (with crazy fringe stuff on the bottom, so I hemmed it and made it classically to my knee), a crazy white button up that I like styling with a sweater, and two rather normal patterned shirts.
I found a GORGEOUS black dress, but Makenna stole it and bought it so I plan on borrowing in the very near future (; It's 70's inspired with beaded sleeves and back...it is probably the most dazzling thing I've found at a thrift store.

Expect lots more posts with amazing finds as I am in a thrift store kick!

So. Guess how much my four items costed? 
2 short sleeve shirts - $3
1 long sleeve - $4
1 Skirt - $5
= $14!
BUT since I volunteer so often I was given 40% off of the ridiculously cheap items, which ended up being $8! I love thrift shopping now. Find a good store and set out on your treasure hunt!

All in all, it's been a pretty good break so far. Expect lots of crazy adventures these next few weeks. 

Merry Christmas!
Love, Mikaylie

Friday, December 19, 2014

Winter Suprises

We received a surprise yesterday! Four to six inches of fresh snow. No one was expecting snow for at least a couple days, so it was quite a shock to look out the windows and only see white. Where I live, everyone is a little too dramatic when it comes to snow. Four inches and school is cancelled. It wouldn’t be bad except that this week is the dreadful “Final’s Week”, and that I am not a Senior; therefore, I have to make up every day we skip because of snow days. So here I am today, sitting in my last classroom of the day, praying that time will fly by and that winter break will start! It may sound like I’m complaining (which I kinda am, but I pretty much complain all the time anyways…sorry!), but I actually had an amazing day that made it feel like Christmas time. Besides the simple things of getting to do my nails, decorating my room, and getting to skip dive practice (YAY!), I built a fabulous snowman with Savannah and took some adorable Christmas pictures with Makenna. Can you tell the snow is photoshopped?? Hahahah yeah….secrets out. We couldn’t blow the snow hard enough to have it show in the pictures, and the harder we blew the worse we looked!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Breaking Into My Own Car

As I awoke this morning I thought today would be a beautifully perfect day. I left home a little early so that I would have time to drive to the gas station and fill up. As I was about to put the nozzle into my car I noticed that I hadn't popped the tank door. As I lifted the handle of my car door, I had a horrible realization that my doors were locked, and my keys were still inside. I called my friend who came, but then we didn't know what to do so I talked to a police officer who was parked outside the store. He said that police officers weren't allowed to break into cars to retrieve keys anymore. Being about 6 in the morning, this was terrible news, seeing that most locksmith places open around 8 at the earliest. It was freezing outside, so I decided to awkwardly leave my car at the pump and sit in the gas store till I figured out what was happening. My mom and I called a bunch of places to no avail; we didn't really want to pay for a tow truck, but my mom decided she would call to ask how much our insurance would cover. Luckily, it covered 24 hour emergency help, and they sent a locksmith to come help me. For 45 min he tried to unlock my door. I would complain but IT WAS SO FREAKING COOL. If I needed to I think I could break into a lot of different cars. ....however, newer cars (after 2007) are harder to break into hence why he couldn't unlock it for an hour. After 45 min of standing in the bitter cold shoving a metal rod through a crack between the pried open door, he decided to call his boss and ask him what he should do. I'm not ashamed, I was pretty curious to see if I could do it. And let me tell you--it is a lot harder than it looks! I felt so freaking cool trying it though. The locksmith guy came back though with a "new strategy/skill" and popped the lock in 5 min. Unfortunately I wasn't paying attention then, so that's disappointing. After 2.5 hours I was finally free! Once he popped the lock my car's alarm started blaring. I swear every button and light was flashing. I mean this wouldn't be bad except that my key fob is broken so I couldn't turn  the alarm off. My mom thought it'd be best if I drove home so we could figure out how to turn it off. Half-way home it turned off. I was SO relieved, so I went back to get gas since it showed that it was pretty much empty. As soon as I turned off my car the alarm turned on again. I was so embarrassing. I drove home and turned off the car. And...the alarm turned off too. I turned the car on and off like 3 times to make sure that it was completely done. So I went back to the gas station, got gas, and showed up at school late. It was so fun (read this in my voice, dripping with sarcasm).