Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Whatever Haley Says, Goes...

Haley told me: "post on your blog"

so here it is baes.

What I've done:

1. Got mono.
No clue how, but it's been a month and I still feel it every morning and night. 
Fortunately I can eat and drink now, but for 2 weeks I couldn't and it sucked and I realized that I'm in love with food and that my heaven will have endless buffets where I don't get fat.

2. Went to Smoothie King.
It was expensive--as in like $5 but I'm sooooo cheap lololol 
I couldn't even drink it though because the acidity from the pineapple stung my throat so much. I froze it and ate it like a week later, in case you really wanted to know.

3. Went to a middle school basketball game because I'm that cool.
Casual senior attending 8th grade all over again. 
"17 going on 12"
--a spin on that one Zac Efron movie that I can't remember the name of, but the 12 year old will actually be played by 18 year olds and the 17 year old will be a real life 27 year old, because thank you Hollywood for being entirely unrealistic in ages--

There was also a fight that I broke up kinda and it made me SO mad I could rant forever about the idiocy of the children who thought that fighting was really the answer to a common bully who though it was funny to tease someone. Like give me a break you are all stupid. I hate stupid boys.

ugh okay next. sorry.

4. Made Swig cookiesssss

I have never been to swig and have no clue what they were supposed to taste like. The recipe told me to chill the cookies and put on the icing at room temperature so there was like a difference in temperatures and it was supposed to be perfect...? Well I didn't realize that people like their sugar cookies like crumbly and hard-ish!!!!


Well guess what I fixed it. I warmed up the cookies and put the icing on at room temperature and it was 100000000000000000x better. I don't know what the heck is wrong with you people. Warm soft sugar cookies are the best thing ever. 

I then proceeded to eat like 2 dozen of them. 

Best decision of my life.

my dog's so smart. she knows where my heart lies.

wow those were beautiful, thank you Mikaylie, I could almost taste them.....
wow I really need to make more or something.

5. Bae was making me mad about something stupid that I don't even remember so Banishkin brought me ice cream!!!!! Wow what a true bae. It was the second thing of ice cream I had that night lol approximately 600 calories total. Wow I'm so healthy.

6. Went to an all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast for robotics. 

Pancakes were okay, but it was more entertaining watching the pancake flipper guy because he would throw the pancakes at you if you wanted any! So tons of people freaked out and dropped them, so it was funny because I caught mine because I'm awesome *hair flip*

7. Studied for Calculus
aka died

But don't worry the ice cream brought me back to life.

I honestly thought I was going to throw up chocolate all day. Best/worst feeling ever.

Pretty sure I failed the test. Oh well. I'll just eat more ice cream to make myself feel better.

8. Went to an antique mall with Benny

I love walking around places and eating food. 
Those are my two favorite things to do. No joke.

Unfortunately I was still trying to keep my concrete down so we didn't go to one of the 50 billion places I have bookmarked on Yelp! 

Don't worry. I'll get to them all eventually. 

9. The real time consumer of my life: work.

Went back to Hy Vee. Party every night. The end.

I love it so much. It's so fun I want to work here for the rest of my life.

I'm actually dropping out of high school and going to Hy Vee college.


I have spent hours and hour and hours looking up BYU Hawaii, plane tickets, what classes I'm going to take, what I'm going to major in, making a budget, making a plan of how I'm going to graduate college almost debt free, what I'm going to eat, everything possible to look up, I've done.

Going along with that, applying for an internship and scholarships...yayayay...


(I'm just gonna stop here because 10 is a perfect number)

Sunday, January 3, 2016

UTAH 2015

For Christmas this year my parents surprised us(my brothers) with us taking a trip to Utah.
I hate surprises so they told me beforehand lol

We drove through the night both ways, which makes me super happy, because I hate feeling like I'm wasting a day, so if you drive through the night it's like you are cheating the system. It's the best.

One of our stops had Mountain Dew slushies, which are like my favorite things ever.
I honestly just think it's a childhood memory kinda thing where I just like it because I used to get them all the time.

driving driving driving

still driving for 16 hours


It's morning now.

And we got Denny's because Denny's is the best.
I got a kids meal, and it was like $3 and I can't wait to have kids so I can keep ordering off the kid's menu 

also, their mango smoothies are BAEEEE man

So I like never eat gingerbread cookies, so obviously I bought one of these cute things <3

oh ew look at my fat monkey feet and crappy toe painting (':

Didn't have gingerbread men cookie cutters, but I found something even better:


lololol no decorated cookies?
why you wonder?

because i ruin even pre-made cookie dough apparently....
jk i'm blaming pillsbury.
definitely add more flour.
the dough was too sticky.

Hey look at my great-grandparents.
I always see this picture and I'm like "hey they are so cute"

Casually walk around BYU bookstore for 2 hours and find this book.
Really want it.
Probs will buy because I love psychologyyyy.

Hey Trafalga, it's been awhile!

how did i do at mini golf?
i won thanks for asking

luv dippin' dots
guess how much this shiz was.
can you say "ripoff"?? 
because yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

(but it was actually free because we had like $50 in giftcards...)

wanna know how well we did at laser tag?
won again. 
i always got in the top 5, i know i'm amazing.

^^wow i luv myself for all these stupid things ^^

temple visits in the morning 
first time doing baptisms in the slc temple was amazing

same day....?

went tubing at soldier hollow 

lol look at this pic
look at my eyes
look at the pizza
<3 <3 <3

went to go skiing and then there was a snow storm and we went all the way back home:

went ice skating at the u.s. olympic oval
i love ice skatingggg

^^ obviously the best ^^

lol kidding....

Went snowshoeing!

^^ first fail ^^

took lots of pics...obviously...

+it snowed!
it's so gorgeous

went to 5th hot springs 

I wanted to cry(die)

Someone take me back.

seeeee, snow

pretty much a zoo though 

dad convinced that wearing the googles makes it easier to see...?

Saw the beautiful Provo temple:

ughhh it's so pretty...i might want to get married there...

...or ya know, maybe this awesome einstein building lol

Went to Chuck-a-Rama aka foodie/fattie heaven <3
so what did i do?
took pictures of my beautiful food i ate
i tried to eat more...next time i will.

SLC Library

I love seeing lots of different libraries, the diversity is extremely interesting.
SLC's is crazy modern, and KC's is super marble-y 
Good descriptions right? lol

I legit think these are really cool and love them.

We went to the church history museum, and there was a Christ art show thing.

This painting is by far my favorite, and it will one day be in my house. 

Well I mean I will paint one like it.

Went to City Creek mall.
Probably the most beautiful mall in Utah.

Also went to Savior of the World.
Beautiful, but long

Are the Temple lights the most beautiful thing in the world??

Yeah I know they are.

Dear future husband, 
Please take me to one of the two restaurants on the top of this building that i can't remember the name of....Also apparently my parents go engaged up here. Also didn't know that.

Also my eyes are coooool

Skiing is also coooool:

Alta is the usual.

Left right after skiing and drove through the night back to KC.

Also this painting is GORGEOUS
only $25k.....

Dear future husband.....
lol jk I'll get a copy