Thursday, April 30, 2015

This Week

Here's all the random things I have done this past little while...

This was like 2 weeks ago, but we headed downtown to see Haley's dance solo, totally missed it, got lost, but found our inner thug as we pulled into a deserted parking lot and took cute pictures with graffiti (art).

 What was in the bag? Not really anything...I just liked how it looked with my outfit and thought it added to the pictures hahahaha

^^my favoriteeeee^^

Savannah made me lunch. Thanks Savannah haha.
She gave me lots of food and even wrote me a note. She can be my cook/grocery buyer/mom in college.

Watched Age of Adaline.
But took pictures with the Pitch Perfect 2 sign.
I'm really not that mean I just have a mean face.

Ignore my weird face.
I made that poster in my graphic design class.
I'm a little bit proud of it.

Officially started working at Hy-Vee.
The uniform is suppperrrr cute, am I right??

I also took the ACT *more crying* because I probably did awful....
I guess I'll find out in "5-8 weeks".

Now excuse me as I go cry some more and freak out because there are SO many finals coming up that I haven't studied for and too many AP tests that I'm not ready for, and like 20 more days of school. I AM ready for summer.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Graphic Design

This whole week we have supppaaa long classes everyday.
As in 3 hours.
As in I'm complaining but this is exactly how college will be.

Anyways expect a lot of posts as I will most likely be bored.

Last year I was in an art class and they had an art fair and I never got any of my actually cool art back. I only got my crappy ones back. So this year our teacher is having us upload all of our art to a blog so that we can see it at home (instead of come to school because we are lazy).

Soooo instead of losing all my art I thought that it'd be best if I just added the link so I could look at my art in the future if I wanted.

^ there it is. a few of my illustrator projects ^

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Mormon Prom

Let's start at the beginning of the day Saturday.

Rainy. Humid. 

What's the best way to spend a rainy day? At the museum!

Went to the Nelson Atkins.

Casually meandered/got lost.

Found this painting by Monet.

You always here about the "Water Lilies" painting, but I didn't realize that it's actually a series of 250 paintings!

Outside was sooo pretty....
Naturally had to take some freaking awesome pics.

 Okayyyyyyy story time:
so I'm awkward....yes we all know that...
As I casually looked down from the second floor down at the people I think I started day dreaming. As in like I was probably there for 5 minutes thinking how cool of a picture it would be if someone took a picture of me overlooking everything because the museum is so dang cool. Then my mind started to wander and I don't even remember what I was thinking about, but the umbrella that was around my wrist slipped off and fell. Yes. Fell down towards the people below. 

so pretty right??

What am I supposed to do in this situation?!
Well naturally  I freaked out. 

Didn't know what to do so I started cracking up as I half sprinted half speed walked downstairs.

Because it's better to laugh then cry right??

I called Savannah because I didn't want to be like arrested and her not know, so I tried to whisper the situation to her over the phone in between my hysterical outbursts of laughs. 

There was a mix up though and she thought I said that I dropped my bra downstairs!

Well we walked around where the umbrella dropped (luckily next to a person-not on one) and couldn't find we left the museum.

I was so paranoid.

fast-forward a couple hours and a nap later

Like 3 days before prom my mom basically told me she didn't like my other dress and didn't think the alterations would be done in time, so she looked up a million other dresses we could buy. I loved one from Nordstrom's that was white with blue flowers because it was different and I like being different. So she bought it in 4 different sizes.

Two showed up in time, but the petite ones didn't.

This was kinda a problem because I'm "short" apparently.
(5' 3" is only TWO inches under the average and I'm pretty sure I'm 5' 4" now so....)

So my mom offered to hem my dress. An hour before prom started.
Yeah that was a fool proof plan.

Ended up taping it up (scotch tape) but then looked weird so I just wore the 8 inch too long dress.
With my 4.5 inch heels it wasn't that long though.

Okay. Next our awkward dinner. 
Since it was Mormon Prom everyone was basically just having dinner at someone's house so we had it at mine.

we ate escargot! (actually just me and cole)
We also had an italian soda bar.


I think I might have permanently broken my no soda streak but idk yet....

Here's our cute groupppp
(apparently blue and black are this years colors because we did not plan this at all!)


We chose to go dateless. Stag. 
No we are not polygamists.
Mormons aren't polygamists.

So yeah there's that.

However if they were polygamists and got us as their wives they would be luuuccckkkyyy because we are fabulous and we now it.

Here's just the girls because yes.

My dad let me drive his car.


so yeah. thanks makenna. you are such a good friend.

Awkwardly showed up to the dance an hour late.

It would have been fashionable if it were like 15-30 minutes...but no. AN HOUR.

Yes we are weird....
The theme was Paris so there was an art gallery that was supposed to be the Louvre. 
So we took those pictures. So proud. We are cool.

horse ridessss because limos are main stream

Hopefully I will get all the other pictures soon....
But after, Benny came over and asked me to prom.
So yay!
This will be exciting and probably packed with interesting stories.

(thanks mom for the lovely photography skills)

Thursday, April 16, 2015


meet kenna.
she started modeling at a very young age.

unfortunately i didn't know her at this stage of her life.

now she has become a pro at taking pictures of herself:

why all these beautiful pictures?


today is kenna's birthday!

yep, she is officially an adult.

so weird.

she's so lucky. now she can take pole dancing classes, get tattoos, all that fun stuff.....

kenna is a super fun, "derper" (Dr. Pepper) addicted, pizza obsessed, crazy best friend

We met almost 2 years ago, and weren't friends.
(good start right? haha I think that most of my friends I disliked at the start...)

Her sister and I were good friends though so I saw her a lot.
I have no idea how we became friends....the earliest I remember was probably when she told me she'd give me a ride home from school. They were the awkwardest rides EVER let me tell you. But then I think we became like okay-ish...? She was on swim team and I was on dive so I saw her at meets and we became better friends.

Then, I wanted to try pole vaulting and she said she'd do it too! Her mom freaked out and said she was going to crack her head open. I think that's when everyone realized that I'm kinda weird and like doing random stuff and that our friendship would be based on doing crazy weird stuff. oh. and food. food=friends.

 Next crazy thing? Boxing.

i drew on my left eyebrow. yep. long story.

It's all history now. 
(that was supposed to sound like inspirational or deep or something but I'm tired, so fail)

We have gotten to the point of her mom buying me ice cream and asking what she wants me to have her buy from Sam's club haha. I will also chill at their house when no ones there and eat their food and watch Netflix because we are family now haha

Even though we are super different, we are also very similar

~we are both smart
~both love junk food
~both sing super loud in the car
~both like adventures
~both take really ugly pictures
~both love Netflix
~both rant to each other about other people all the time

Super sad though because she's a year older than me...


Ugh. Here are her senior pictures though.
This makes up for the plethora of....not so good pictures haha

Happy Birthday Kenna!

Don't go break any laws because then I'll have to visit you in jail and jails scare me a little...but they are also super cool...maybe you should go to jail....

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

FBLA State!

So apparently we qualified for state?

I know. Shocker.

Of course our business plan that took us forever and was super stressful we didn't place in (no complaints here, because that way we didn't have to present it again), but we qualified in the test portion. I placed in Economics and Kenna placed in Securities and Investments and Business Math.

Basically what that meant is that we didn't really need to go down to Springfield, but I mean we got to miss 2 days of school! ...even though I hate missing school....

headed out on Sunday!

the crew.
this was right after we went to a little bakery place and I didn't get food even though the school paid for it and I still regret that decision. ugh. I was just so full from all the snacks I ate on the way up ha.

One of the best parts??

We went to Andy's TWO different times!
First I got a beautiful banana split (and ate half of Makenna's peanut butter concrete....)
And then we split a chocolate cookie dough concrete
Made the whole trip worth it.

We each got our own bed! HALLELUJAH!
And we got to room together. Part central y'all.

We obviously made so many friends HAHAHAHAHA
funny joke.

Bass Pro Shops

I'm not even kidding.
We had time to kill so we went to the "tourist attraction of Springfield" (pathetic right?)

We decided to take weird pictures with everything, it was so entertaining.

no that is not Cole hahahahhahahaha

they tried to make me buy one of the neon hats. heck no. sorry.
they suck at serious faces. i rock. 

we are adventurous guys!

got so many weird looks for that one haha

yes. it's normal to hide in the sleeping bags.

Famous Miss H quotes:

Cole: "Look a spirits store....wooohhh (ghost noises)"
Miss H: "That means liquor"
Everyone: ".....okayyy.....hahahahhaah"

Miss H: "Did you know lemon juice has more lemon in it than lemonade powder? (totally dead serious)"

Miss H: (referring to the rear back-up camera) "oh wait. Does the red mean I'm getting close?" *hits curb*

Our teacher was the best hahahahaha


We look so hot for 5 AM.

I went to bed at 2:30 and woke up at 5.
That was fun.

I got kinda crazy at night.....
Makenna posted a video on her blog.
I promise I'm not drunk.

All in all a good trip haha

Saturday, April 11, 2015

BYO Cup Day // 7-Eleven

April 11 was BYO cup day!
I have no idea why because it was 5-11 not 7-11...?
Anyways, we totally took advantage of it.

I had the fun one because it consisted of pretty much every flavor and was super colorful haha
Makenna went the simpler cherry and blue raspberry route

mine was better

Friday, April 10, 2015

Easter Weekend + Random Cool Things

Trying to cut down on how many posts I put out because I now have an excessive amount.
This is gonna be a long post. Bear with me.

On Friday we went to the West Bottoms to these super cool antique/decor store things. I don't even know what they are considered, but they are soooo cool! If I end up living in Kansas City I will definitely buying lots of furniture and decorations from this place!

There were all types of people there. I love people watching. 
I could pick out the rich people, the preppies, the few country people, my teacher (yes. it was so embarrassing because he is one of those awkward teachers so i avoided him.), and the random people who just happened to bring along their pet goat...?

On Saturday Makenna and I went to Feldman's to see if they had any of the Easter chicks.

S'cute guys. S'cute.

There was a sign that said like "don't handle the chicks or something" 
So we just looked.
And then looked to see if any workers were around...and then touched one....
And then picked one up for like 5 seconds....
And then held it for a really long time....
And then some kids came over and were full-on taking them out of the little thingy we were it so a worker came over haha

We took lots of pictures with them, but I kinda wanted to take one home...
So we started coming up with an exit plan.
aka who can we give these to once we can't stand them anymore...
started calling up all the farmers we know haha

Meanwhile I called my mom and asked her what she would do if I brought some chicks home.
she said "you need to look up how to take care of them"
I took that as a yes.

A man walks in and says that he can't return his two chicks and asked if anyone wanted them.
*eyes get bigger*
(they were only $2.99, but hey, now we could both get large lemon berry cream slushes and cherry slushes)

Look how cuuuuteeee
pink and green
Penney and Viper

AND my mom didn't kill me!
She might soon though because they won't shut up....

Ironically making deviled eggs by the chicks hahahaha
Makenna suggested we feed the chicks the deviled eggs because she's evil.

Awwwwww so fluffy!

Many failed pictures as they tried to fly away....

Makenna has only been pooped on.....5 times..?
I've only been pooped on once because I'm a bird-whisperer obviously.


Watched conference which was great as always, but I'll need to go reread the talks because sometimes I doze off.... (I'm just going to be real honest haha)

Made attempted to make [veggie] sushi
okay it actually worked out in the end

This is the best looking roll haha
then you zoom out.....
and bam.
notice the many failed pieces that I just lumped into a pile...

On Sunday my family attempted a Easter meal based off of what Jesus would've probably eaten.
It was good, but my brothers are really picky and so it wasn't very authentic.
More like grape juice....fake candles...pepperoni...hahaha


then the week started and I never posted and this week is almost over so I better post this soon.

Monday was nice because it was "senior skip day" and most of my classes are seniors so I just sat around. It was truly great.

Tuesday I was stressed out and couldn't think so I decided to go to the temple by myself. Every time I've gone in the past I usually just jump in with another group there so I just assumed there would be another group there. There ex-boyfriend's family. That was awkward. And tmi but I don't care. The flowers outside though were gorgeoussssss though so it's all good.

On Wednesday we did another last supper dinner but this one was amazing.
so cool.

 And I mean that's kinda where everything stops.
I can't remember anything these past couple of days.
I'm going crazy. I've been shaking and biting my nails and zoning out. I don't know why I have so much anxiety though. Ugh.

I guess I'll just eat more ice cream hahahahah *crying*