Thursday, February 26, 2015

Back to Freedom

I am finally done with dive.
Well actually I've been done for awhile now, but I can't get over how great freedom feels.

I was super entertained with trying to write cool....kinda a fail. My goal is to learn how to write like this:

This lady's website is amaaazzzzinnnngggg

Here are my feeble attempts while day dreaming in Chemistry....

I promise I'm getting better.

After school Savannah and Makenna and I went "shopping" aka not actually buying anything.
We found these super cool crown things at Altr'd State and so naturally we put them on 

then we made gelato.

I was super excited because I've never made ice cream or gelato in a maker like this, and when it actually started freezing it was sooooo exciting!!

So I made a video of it. I just keep playing it over and over because it makes me happy.
I know, weird.

Really want even more ice cream or gelato right now.....actually I always do.

I can only remember one time when I didn't want anymore ice cream and that was when I met Makenna's grandma and she was the best and bought tons of ice cream for us while we visited. I ate ice cream every meal....and had like 6 meals a day. It was the best week ever. I couldn't eat ice cream for weeks after, but I'm fully recovered!

After school Savannah and I went to Sam's Club just to get frozen yogurt (for me....typical.) and an Icee for her. The guy who we bought them from asked to see her ID when she asked for an Icee and we didn't get that it was a joke, but once he said it was a joke I couldn't stop laughing! I love people like that. We need more funny people.

Then I had our end of season swim and dive banquet. It was incredibly awkward since I don't know many swimmers because our practices are at different times and there's only one other diver....

Maybe I'll find a picture I'm in to post.

Anyways, the coaches talked about each of us, and it was really embarrassing because my coach Dave talked about how I freaked out at the last chance meet and was very "emotional". And then he gave the other diver a hug and I went and sat down because I don't like hugs.... I'm so awkward. Sorry.

We got these cute things though. And I got a bar to add to my letter because I was varsity again, woot woot. ...not that it's hard to be varsity.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Meet me in St. Louis

My mom kept quoting that movie.
It looks old and boring.

Anyways, after state, we went around to experience a little bit of St. Louis.

Started at the famous gateway arch.

We went under it and watched the history movie, and then got our tickets to go to the top!

had to get in this super sketch little pod shuttle thing. they said don't take pictures while getting in. wer're rebels obviously.

my professional picture. it's of what outside the window but it doesn't look like anything. it's the river. my face is cute i know.

St. Louis:

Saw this while walking back to the car *insert crying face*
If you get this inside joke you are probably scared too.

Saw this and felt inspired. It's so pretty!
I really want to go downtown and find super cool graffiti!

My mom said I could pick where to have dinner! My brothers wanted their typical McDonald's and my parents wanted Italian (like always), and although Italian is usually my favorite, I wanted to try something different.

So I chose Middle Eastern/Mediterranean! I really wanted lamb gyro (I didn't realize that this was only at Greek places), and they ended up not even having it.

I got a falafel sandwich though and curry lentil soup and a kinda weird salad and my family all got shawarma.
super good pita bread!

falafel is made of chickpeas in case you wanted to know, it's pretty cool. 

If you ever want to find a good place to eat, use 
I use it all the time. Any cool new place I try out is because of it.

Our last stop before we headed back was the temple.

It's good to be back.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

STATE #swim&dive2k15

Like my title? I'm basic.
I also almost put 2k14...where did that whole year go?! *crying*

So.... let me lead up to this fantabulous trip.

First: Qualifying

I had a rocky season, I got a boyfriend, and let's be honest...I didn't ever want to go to practice because of it. I skipped at least two weeks.... Then, I decided to be super cool and do a backflip off of a tire that was sitting on the high school field. I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW, BUT I HIT MY HEAD ON IT.....

Cute picture right. It hurt a lot more than it looks like.
Anyways....I got a concussion....I ended up going to the doctor 5 times in 3 days because of that and my knee/PT. Fun times.

Okay, can't even remember where I was.

So my season was a little sketchy. I had originally made a goal of qualifying for state in the first 5 meets, but after not doing a single dive for 8 months, I was a little rusty....

I ended up missing so many meets that I had to go to the "Last Chance Meet" to qualify. They basically let you compete and then if you were really close but don't make it then you get to try again.

It was a "Roller Coaster of a Meet" as my mom says in the email she sent to like 50 people!!! It was so embarrassing. 

Here's my side:
Warm ups went AMAZING. I was on track to get way above state cuts. But then comes the competition and my reverse 1.5 got like 4's! My warm up ones could have easily gotten 6.5-7's. My final score was 209.35 and state is 210. ISN'T THAT SO FRUSTRATING?!

So basically I committed to trying again but I didn't warm up like at all, and my first 3 dives were awful scoring like 5's.... my 3rd dive I came out of the water crying and yelled at my coach and told him to scratch me from the meet. He told me to just do the next dive so I jumped as high as I could and miraculously scored 7 and 8's! That saved me since I got 50 points with just one dive!
 I ended up with 218.

But I was still kinda freaking out, and I wasn't sure if I even wanted to go to state in the first place I just felt pressured into making it, and had told people I was going to qualify this year...

So I was just a hot mess.....yup. Pretty much. So I don't have any cute pictures (and I never look cute with my hair in a wet ponytail/no makeup anyways) so here are the realistic ones:

So then Kyrsten and Jen came and decorated my room because they are the bestest people I know! No joke.

shoutout to my mom for cleaning my room right before

So now to actual state. We left Thursday during school in our "charter bus".
I came from a charter school, and we had like the nice huge "charter buses" but I mean this one suffices since there were only 10 of us....

whole sha-bang in our state gear.

only junior qualifiers. i look terrible.


probably won't ever use this color but it looked supa cool

brand new eos and fooooooooood

 curlin' up in the bus. good thing i have no friends, i get two seats.

But, best part of state??? 

Our school paid $8 for lunch and $15 for dinner so I felt like a billionaire at our fast food places lol

first night Fazoli's: Ceasar Italia salad and Strawberry Italian Ice. 

we went to Barne's and Noble but I didn't get anything.
I was in a really good mood when I wrote all the previous stuff, but life is getting a little harder to deal with right now.

We left to the pool at 10:30 and watched the swimmers just warm up until the prelims started at 3, so I read this whole book.

I'm not recommending it to anyone for fear that I will be hardcore judged for it's inappropriateness and many cuss words, but I liked it a lot. It was so relatable. I was hoping it would help me by the end but it just gave me an empty feeling, no good advice just a good-ish feeling knowing that others have broken off relationships and survived.

got a footlong at subway. no regrets.
italian is the way to go with lettuce, tomatoes, olives, pepper-jack, and cucumbers. you're welcome.

Dive practice finally started at 5, and the water was so cold it felt like hitting a brick wall. My hands were all red and blue and purple (a lot worse than in the picture), and my legs stung for hours after and the next day there was a beautiful purple bruise because I obviously suck and smack a lot.
I'm not going to lie....I wanted to put a filter on it to make it look a lot worse hahaha

this was kinda odd...not used to peas in my chicken alfredo

I finally finished and joined the rest of my team for dinner at Ruby Tuesday's but I go take out since they were already done by the time I ordered.

So then I sat in my room alone eating it because I lied and told my roommates I was going to bed. They came back and I still hadn't fallen asleep, and then they started painting their nails and dancing and singing, like are you freaking kidding me. I am competing tomorrow morning. I was a little pissed off.

I was supposed to get picked up at 6:45 in the morning so I needed sleep. Our coach came and told us that it was icy raining so they were delaying the meet two hours which I thought sucked because I didn't want to be there forever.

Had a super emotional stressful night hence the last post (that might not be there anymore). Makenna and Jen decided that the roads weren't safe enough so they weren't coming down. That was kind of the last thing that just made me break down.... Especially since the day after ended up being really nice and sunny. There was snow on cars in the morning though so I guess I can't be that mad...

I went down to breakfast alone, and got lucky charms, biscuits and gravy, and a donut. The lucky charms had sooooo many marshmallows! I was in heaven. They never have that many. It must be a special kind. I wasn't really hungry after that and the donuts weren't fresh so I threw the biscuit and donut away... I feel bad throwing away food...

My emotional-ness carried on to breakfast and I started crying while I was eating and an old man started talking to me and it was really embarrassing.

Finally went to the pool to start warming up, but there were 51 divers on 2 boards and of course we chose the crowded one. I think I did 5 practice dives, all of which were awful so I just decided to take a hot shower instead of practice.

Here's my view from the sideline as I pouted about not wanting to dive haha
yay for blurry images! 

 And here is my beautiful little tag that I had to wear everywhere.

There were 51 divers, so that would be about 1 hour for us all to do just one dive. There are eleven dives. Thank goodness they did cuts. I did awful on my 2nd and 3rd dives which were supposed to be my best. Oops, sorry coach, it's probably because I didn't practice and that the water was super cold and I wasn't motivated and the boards felt weird. 

I got cut after the 3rd dive haha. I was actually soooo happy, sounds awful but I'm ready for this season to be over. And they cut 20 so it wasn't like I was the only one, and I was one of the last ones to get cut.

So there ya go. My whole state experience! I left right after I got cut, and went with my family who drove down to see me and we went and explored the rest of St. Louis.

Got back and Savannah wrote all over my driveway hahaha she's the best!


Friday, February 20, 2015

Late Night Thoughts

I don't know why I write these on a public blog, I guess it's the best I can do because I have a hard time telling people how I really feel or what I'm thinking. I will probably delete this because I will regret it.

I really need to rest for state tomorrow, but I just can't stop thinking.

Life is so full of disappointment.

I know a billion ways to be happier but I really don't want to be happy right now. I want to cry. I want to scream and run out of this hotel and just keep running until I pass out from fatigue and the cold. I want to punch a hole in the wall because honestly the pain of punching through a wall with my already bruised fists would make me feel so much better.

This weekend was going to be perfect. Or maybe I just kept telling myself it was going to be in hopes that it would somehow turn out that way.

I'm one of those people who people constantly feel like they need to tell me to think positively. Well guess what: I DO. I think super positively but then I am let down ever single time. I speak negatively about myself because it creates less expectations. It confusing. I literally just think up really good situations/cute things/fun things to do and then they never happen and I feel worthless. 

My ex-boyfriend once told me that he didn't think I was ready for relationships because I mentally thought I was but I just wasn't, and I have to admit that I totally agree. I have too high of expectations for others because I think of all the things I want them to do (actually kind of like experience the whole scene in a day dream kind of way) and then get depressed when I realize it won't ever happen. It's really bad because I'll feel like I'm super close to someone because I can imagine us getting along really well but then I can't carry on a conversation in real life. I can't express how frustrating it is. It's like having a second life where everything is perfect and then being forced into your reality in which you have no job, very few friends, no idea what to do in your future, no boyfriend, no money, and seemingly no time. I really want to blame others for disappointing me, but really it's just myself disappointing me. My imagination really is my worst most dangerous enemy.

I say "dangerous" and you probably think "wow, you're so dramatic", but really, I am so scared for my future. I don't know how to cope with this....I end up just writing it all down into these long 
posts-this is my therapy. I don't know how I'm going to have a future when I spend all my time thinking up the perfect future and don't live in the now. 

Sorry, going to reference my old relationship again, but he told me that I never did anything romantic and that he was the only one trying. Which was totally true in real life, but I really am one of those people who is super romantic and sentimental I just never had the courage to do anything/give him any of the stuff I meant to. It sounds like I'm a desperate girl who wants her ex back, and I mean sometimes that is true, but right now I want to cuss him out because I was never comfortable enough to do anything I wanted to do. I don't think relationships should be like that. I shouldn't have to worry about every little thing and if they will judge me or if they will leave me. My hands are shaking as I type this and I don't know if it's out of anger or regret or sadness or confusion. 

I just sounded super crazy. I promise it's not like actually a different world...but it is..? I need help obviously. 

Why is life so hard. Why is there loss. I would really like to not lose any more people from my life...

I was originally going to write about how everyone lets me down but then I realized it was me who lets me down, but I guess that's just life. The only one we can count on is God, and if that turns out being wrong then I'm so screwed. But I am counting on him and will till the day I die.

That wasn't as long as I thought it was going to be, that's good. 
Why the heck am I crying. I guess I'm just tired and confused.
Good night.

Thursday, February 19, 2015


You might want to just skip this post if you aren't superstitious or believe in horoscopes.....

Yes. It is very long and is only about me.
This is what I do in school. I should be studying *insert crying emoji*

I don't know why, but I've become obsessed with horoscopes!

Let me start from the beginning. Today is February 19, 2015.
Does that mean anything to you.?

Today is the Chinese New Year!
(or lunar new year. it took me a little while to figure that out, because last years was january 30th, so i thought that february 19th was kinda random)

So, I'm 1/8th Chinese. But I don't celebrate the Chinese New Year unfortunately!

But, maybe I will do something crazy....i don't know.

ANYWAYS, so I was thinking about my Chinese zodiac (I'm a tiger btw)
and then I started looking up characteristics and stuff and seeing if they accurately describe me

Some of it described me very accurately, but some was WAY off.

"People born in the year of the Tiger are brave, competitive, unpredictable, and self-confident. They are very charming and well-liked by others. But sometimes they are likely to be impetuous, irritable, and overindulged.
With stubborn personalities and tough judgment, tigers work actively and boldly express themselves, and do things with a high-handed manner. They are authoritative and never go back on what they have said. 
With great confidence and indomitable fortitude, they can be competent leaders. They will not make preparations for anything, but they can handle anything that comes along. 

While they are not motivated by money or power,
Tigers love be challenged and will accept any challenge if it means important value to them, and they do not like to obey others.

1998 - Earth Tiger - Adventurous and realistic, with strong faith"

The green is what is true, red is obviously false, and yellow is undetermined because I feel like most people like me but they don't actually know me....

It also said that I'm not compatible with Ox's, which is what all my best friends are, but it might just be with relationships... 

So then I looked up horoscope dates:

My birthday is July 14 (now you know in case you forgot. you're welcome.) so I'm Cancer.

I believe in horoscopes I think.

I just copied and pasted like 5 pages from this website:

Cancer characteristics center around the phrase 'I feel'. The hard-shelled, soft-centered, sideways-moving crab reveals key characteristics and provides insight into this guarded zodiac sign. The Cancer sign is known to be emotional, sensitive, nurturing, and family oriented.


Like the crab, living where the water meets the shore, the waves of their own emotion constantly lap against Cancer's everyday life. It is a Cancer characteristic to be incredibly moody, changing from optimistic to depressed, from loving to angry, according to some mysterious inner tidal change. When this happens, they often lash out verbally without any explanation.
Cancer characteristically presents a smooth shell. They can appear impermeable, but that usually masks a hidden vulnerability. This often makes them rather conservative in their choice of friends, as they may perceive outsiders as dangerous. A Cancer who feels threatened can lash out with one pinching claw, and then scuttle away sideways.
If they feel hurt by someone whom they have trusted, they retreat into their shells. The tendency to withdraw or use indirect maneuvers makes them appear unreliable or even dishonest to those some people.


On the other hand, a Cancer whose life provides the security this sign craves can offer empathy and generosity to those around them.
Their awareness of their own vulnerability can make them sensitive to other people's emotional needs, enabling them to characteristically offer a balm of kindness for the wounds their spouses or friends have experienced.

Nurturing - Children Scare Me!

Cancers feel a deep need to nurture and may have children at an early age. Some Cancers choose a career related to children in some way-as a day care providers, pediatricians, teachers or children's book writers, for example.
It is a Cancer characteristic for crabs who do not become parents to take an active role in the lives of nieces and nephews. Some of them express their nurturing instincts through their relationships with animals.

Family Oriented

A key Cancer characteristic is a deep emotional bond to their families. Even Crabs who have experienced family dysfunction, trauma and quarrels, will exhibit this familial connection through talking frequently about the wounds they experienced during childhood.
Sometimes these early emotional wounds leave them eternally seeking a new, happy family. They may subtly create a parent-child dynamic with a spouse or a close friend. Cancers who do not fit their family's norm and who see themselves as the "black sheep" of the clan often find a way to re-establish family closeness as they grow older.
Other times this happens through finally finding a partner who satisfies the Cancer's needs yet still fits the family's image of a suitable mate. Sometimes this happens through the Cancer taking on the role of protector and rushing to defend estranged parents and siblings from outsiders.


A Cancer in love will most likely have fallen for a person their family will admire. A Cancer with a happy childhood looks for love in the good boy/girl who fits right in with the folks at home.
Even Cancers who have undergone emotional estrangement from their families want a partner Mom or Dad would love-if only to show the clan how wrong they were not to appreciate the Crab. Those few who do choose someone their family doesn't like usually make that choice because the mate demonstrates enough strength for the Crab to cling to them in the face of parental disapproval.


With or without the parental seal of approval, you will exert more attraction for the Cancer if you can offer some sort of stability.
This doesn't necessarily mean wearing a suit to your job at the bank-your Cancer may be the sort whose taste runs to tattooed blue collar workers-but they want someone reliable. Their own inner lives are so full of change which mystifies even them, that they want a mate who gives them some sense of solidity.
A Cancer in love needs to know that they can count on you. This includes both emotional support and whatever practical contributions you make to their lives, whether that means bringing home a paycheck or keeping the house clean.
Unfortunately, many of the Cancer sign are unable to proffer this stability to their mates in return-they seek it precisely because they do not have it within them. Until they reach emotional maturity, their emotional subjectivity will prevent them from seeing this as hypocrisy.


Even a Cancer in love often have some sort of emotional hemophilia - they can't stop bleeding after someone has hurt them. Early wounds tend to cause them the deepest pain. If you can perceive the nature of your Cancer's deepest wound, and through your steady presence, acceptance and praise, offer a healing salve for their pain, they will see you in a haloed glow.


A Cancer in love tends to be very possessive of their mates. They want to know that you think about them when the two of you are apart-they read the tenderness, lustiness and frequency of your calls or texts to them as an index of your love. They want to be reassured that your attention remains focused on them so try to keep flirtation with others to a minimum.

Cancer Likes

  • Being appreciated - Cancer likes laughter, whether they are producing it or enjoying it, and part of this is that it's a sign of appreciation for them. They may not seek the spotlight, but when, for any reason, they become the subject of applause, they truly enjoy it.
  • History; the past - Cancer people tend to look to history and the past for inspiration; they are often collectors of memorabilia or study famous personages; in fact, more than one astrologer has noted that they love biographies.
  • Treasures - They are also collectors of more personal treasures; it's not uncommon for a Cancer to have things from their childhood in their homes even at an advanced age.
  • Money - Cancer likes, probably because of their aversion to poverty, and can be quite acquisitive when it comes to money. They tend to be financial whizzes, sometimes from their childhood, thanks to Jupiter being exalted in their sign. There is very little the determined Cancer does not know about the financial world, and will prefer buying things that will increase in value rather than looking for bargains. Outside of their personal treasures, which they will never part with, the Cancer will occasionally collect items for their resale value, like pieces of art or vintage motor vehicles.
  • Their home - Cancer likes their homes most. There is an almost religious fervor about the care and maintenance of the Cancer home, because it is the staging ground for nurturing and caring for their families and friends. Cancer people generally love children, and will spare no expense when it comes to making their homes child friendly and filled to the brim with the special treats they love, even when the children are not their own.

Cancer Dislikes

  • Cruelty - Cancer has an intense dislike of cruelty in any form. Whether it's a story on the news about cruelty to animals, or the type of injustices perpetrated on people, this type of news causes the Cancer person to become quiet and withdraw into their shells.
  • Discussing their personal lives - Cancer dislikes talking about their private and personal lives with others, although they are quite skilled at finding out everything there is to know about the details of another individual's life. This may be because the Moon, the planet of Cancer, only reflects the light of the Sun; Cancer people tend to reflect whatever a person brings to the table back to them. 
  • Depends on who I'm talking to. I love talking about myself, but not in groups. Only individually because I feel more secure or something....
  • Financial insecurity - Most Cancer people have a fear of financial insecurity, and this extends to the idea of "not having" in general. One might say that everyone has this fear, but a Cancer that wins the lottery worries about what they'll do when the money runs out. You'll often find Cancer people who have cartons of food stashed in their homes, because to them, having things protects them from "the worst."
  • Being alone - The typical Cancer person fears being alone even more than they fear being without possessions. The main reason Cancer people are so well-liked is that they enjoy the company of others so much. When a Cancer suffers the break-up of a relationship, it can take them quite a while to move on.
  • I'm okay with being alone as long as I don't feel alone, you know..?
  • Negative thinking - Cancer dislikes negative thinking immensely. Negative thinking can cause a Cancer person to become physically ill; they are more prone to thinking themselves into a physical or mental state of imbalance than any other sign.
Ironically I think very negatively, but I really do think myself into sickness...I can make myself sick by just thinking it.

The Cancer personality is curious, yet cautious in the way they approach experience. Like the crab, they may keep to the outskirts of the crowded room and spend time assessing the lay of the land before jumping in and participating themselves.
They are often creative folks who adore nature and love life's sensual pleasures - especially food and wine. However, they must take care not to overindulge and remember that all things are best in moderation.

The Fourth House of Home and Family

Cancer rules the fourth heavenly house (there is a house for each horoscope, it's kinda neat. this website says a lot about it) , that which governs the areas of home and roots. We see this influence manifest itself in the way the Cancerian personality places such a high premium on close relationships and family.
As the fourth house is especially closely associated with the sacred feminine, we see the Cancer personality adopting a motherly, nurturing role in their family as well, regardless of whether they are male or female.
This house is also strongly associated with the past, as well as the generalized concepts of tradition and history. The Cancer personality values tradition and consider the past to be extremely important.
They are nostalgic sorts who take pleasure in reminiscing, poring over family photos, or getting loved ones together to watch old home movies. They may also be passionate about history in general, possibly taking the study of it up as a hobby.

Water: The Root of Creativity and Emotion

Cancer is one of three zodiac sign ruled by the element of water. Astrologically speaking, water is symbolic of emotion, intuition, and creativity. It ebbs and flows. It can be rough or serene.
In fact, the image of an ever-changing ocean is the perfect representation of Cancerian emotion. These are moody folks who are prone to ailments such as depression, especially if they allow themselves to live too much in the past either by allowing past failures to eat away at them or by sitting around wishing things could be the way they once were.
We also see the influence of water in the way so many Cancers seek out artistic or musical outlets for their strong emotions. In fact, such pursuits are an excellent way for these natives to keep melancholy or depression at bay and should be encouraged.

The Moon: Planet of Dreams and Flux

Just as the Moon is an enigma that is never quite the same two nights in a row, so does a Cancer's mood ebb and flow like the tide as the days go by. The Moon is also the ruler of motherhood and we can easily see this influence manifest via the trademark Cancer personality drive to nurture and care for loved ones.
Through the Cancer personality, we see humanity return to its most basic of needs - the need to be loved and made to feel protected no matter what life may throw our way.

Sensitive Feelings

If there's one thing a Cancer really can't tolerate, it's criticism. The saying "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me" doesn't ring true to them at all, as hurtful words - especially when they come from a loved one - can really cut them deeply. It is hard for them to forget a slight.
Although Cancer may seem tough on the outside, it is important to understand that this is really a defense mechanism designed to mask their profound vulnerability. Like all lunar-ruled signs, Cancer natives are prone to bouts of depression and other types of emotional upset in general.

Needs/Craves Close Relationships

Most Cancerians, though not necessarily social folks, really need a close relationship or partner in their life in order to feel as if they're truly complete. More than any other sign, Cancer is truly born to be married and to build a family.
They are giving, caring people who find great joy in nurturing children or doting on a spouse. They are also loyal sorts who rarely stray once they've chosen a special someone and will pour absolutely everything they have into their primary relationship.
They are introverted sorts for the most part, but when they are around their families, they can be quite social indeed.

A Focus on the Past

Cancer rules the fourth cosmic house, which governs not only the realms of home and family, but also the past. Some Cancers had childhoods that affected them profoundly in one way or another while others are simply nostalgic by nature.
Another Cancer trait is that they are especially likely to have been influenced strongly by their mother, either for the better or for the worse. It is also not at all uncommon for Cancer natives to have hobbies that involve a focus on the past. Historical studies, antiquing, scrap booking, and furniture restoration are a few good examples. 
I love furniture restoration!!


It is a known Cancer trait that it can be tough to pry any treasures from the claws of the Crab once they posses it. Take money for instance, the crab loves to collect it. The are happy to let it pile up and the bank and never do anything with it... but most importantly, never let it go. Part of this is due to the need for a sense of security they crave.
Most Cancers can have a bit of bossy streak as well, as they are naturals when it comes to problem-solving and have a tendency to feel they always know best. This is an important characteristic for Cancer natives to become aware of and try to control, as it can easily take over and derail the harmony of home they work so hard to build.

Domestic, Home-Loving, and Creative

Like all water signs, Cancer traits definitely include something of a creative streak. Many take naturally to photography or music, but there are certainly plenty of Cancerian writers and painters out there as well.
Since Cancer is also a homebody by nature, it is not uncommon to see these folks meshing their creativity with their natural drive to nurture via hobbies like cooking or gardening as well. Many Cancers feel a special connection to nature, so when they do wish to get away from home, they're likely to suggest a hike, picnic, walk on the beach, or camping excursion as a diversion.

I don't even know why I'm so obsessed with this......

But then, I found this too:

"The Moon rules Cancer. Not surprising, the sign ruled by the heavenly body that influences the tides is one of three water signs of the zodiac."
So now I'm really going crazy, because I want to get a moon chart and record my moods in comparison to the lunar cycle.

I guess now you all know how crazy I am. 

I also studied the signs of some of my closest friends.

Kind of random I know. But none of them were incompatible signs, so that's good!

Yup, accomplished my goal of getting this posted before I head down to state.

Wish me luck!


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Listen to this song now.

I'm not going to lie, this week has sucked! 
I just want to overlook every good thing and feel sorry for myself.

Yesterday I went to practice and did nothing I swam to the opposite end and did handstands for an hour and a half (which is really bad since state is this weekend....), I'm sick with cold, I've been having killer headaches, and this morning I had a bloody nose.

But for some reason I just decided I wanted to be happy now, so I looked up how to be happy (lame I know) and I think the best way is to fake it till you make it, and listen to your favorite songs.

SOOO here is my favorite song as of now! (thanks Makenna for getting me hooked on it):

This video is adorable too. Makes me so happy for them but so sad at the same time!

It's so catchy though.


Okay, adding more because I can....

Friday, February 13, 2015

Court Warming Week!

Do most high schools have a "court warming"...?
I don't think my old school ever did. 
Anyways, my current high school has a court warming which is basically a homecoming but for basketball. They used to have a dance, but everyone here is LAME and apparently they tried to have a dance a couple of years ago and no one showed up. So now they have the basketball game, and have the royalty and everything, but in lieu of a dance, it's a big volleyball tournament between each of the grades.

But that's at the end of the week. During the week there are dress up days:

Day 1: Black Out
(the worst picture ever! i am crying. why didn't we retake it. also why do boys like being dumb.)

Do you like how I just made it super small?? HAHAHAHA

Day 2: Flannel/Plaid
(no boys = easier, cuter life.)
PS we love the library. 

Day 3: USA day
Makenna and I were telling each other what we were wearing the night before and we thought of the same thing! It's so great when we think alike.

What is my face doing.....

Note to self: Savannah's camera sucks. Use my phone from now on.

Day 4: NEON

I'm obviously the most spirited.

Went to the court warming game, we won! I guess that's the end of this week.