Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Okay-ish Day

Today started out so lovely:
My mom made me a smoothie and it actually tasted good
My seminary teacher brought donuts even though it's Tuesday!!

It doesn't look that good, but it's a cake donut with chocolate icing with shamrock sprinkles alllll over

best Tuesday everrrrrrr

Side note: I liked donuts before, but now I love donuts.
It's because I follow Olivia Gouchner's blog.
(I think that's how you spell her new last name...)

I'm obsessed with her. I idol her. It's bad. She is my woman crush. I wish she was my sister, or aunt, or best friends, or cousin, or anything.

She loves donut, so now I love donuts.
She loves food, so...I already loved food, I just spend a lot more money on food now...

Not today though!!

***Today was National Pancake Day***
(the asterisks represent like streamers and balloons and stuff because this is an important day)

The whole gang showed up at 7 and it was PACKED. Like crazy busy. 
I should've taken a picture.

We ended up leaving after 35 minutes of waiting and still not even close to the front.

However, Makenna and I went back after school and RAN to my car and sped there so we were one of the first people from our school! There were some kids from schools all around us, but we were seated pretty quickly, especially because there were only two of us. Yay for no friends...

Admire my amazing photography of my pancakes. Let me explain why I took these pictures. The one on the left is the normal syrup, and I was going to try and be super photo/artsy but then I gave up and decided that I wanted to try all the different syrups because I'm that adventurous. Hence the right picture: all of the syrups. I think I like all of them but strawberry....the blueberry tasted really good at first but then not as good after so I'm still on the fence. 

Since IHop had free pancakes until 10pm a different friend and I were going to go at 9:30, I got there and texted them and they said that they had already gotten their food and were leaving. I was AM freaking pissed. I seriously have very few real friends. I was trying so hard to make more friends and actually do stuff with people and this is what happens. I'm so mad. Especially because they knew I was coming so why didn't they text me and ask me why I wasn't there? Oh yeah, they didn't care. I cussed them out in my car for like 10 minutes. I don't care, it felt good. 

So yeah. I wish I could rant. I mean I can since this is my blog and my journal, but I probably shouldn't. It's not like it will make me that much happier or anything. 

I'm ready for St. Patrick's Day though.
I just love holidays.
Okay, night.

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