Saturday, February 7, 2015


Friday was a long day, they always are. 

I've been working on my goal of blogging and taking more pictures, as you can see!

Makenna and I have befriended the sweetest  old lady ever! We knew she likes sewing, so we asked her if she wanted to help us sew a couple of skirts for this summer. She was so excited and took us to Firehouse to talk more about what we want to do. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of us all there, but I did get a picture of my beautiful sandwich haha

Italian is ALWAYS the way to go! And keep all the toppings on! And if you are at Subway, then get the BMT with olives and lettuce and tomatoes....yum. 
 Savannah and I didn't know what to do, and fate obviously kicked in because the Dove chocolate saying thingy said that we should sleep under the stars! 
 We were originally going to hammock (is that a verb..?) in my backyard, and have a bonfire, and have some of our guy friends over, but then the fire pit was filled with water, and boys are dumb, and we were too lazy to set up the hammocks...

So, we ended up laying out on our deck for awhile, because I mean that way we have wifi too! 
We were watching one of the best TV shows: Psych

 My mom told me I could go  buy s'more supplies (before we found out that we couldn't make a fire), but ice cream is always better, so I bought s'more ice cream instead... IT IS SO GOOD! I was a little hesitant at first, but it was fab. I almost ate the whole tub....I'm a little addicted.
My dad came outside and set up a tent for us so we wouldn't be covered in dew the next morning, which kind of defeated the sleeping under the stars part... but we were so much warmer!

Makenna eventually came over but wasn't in any pictures haha
I can't wait to go to college and meet more people who want to go actual camping and hiking! Very few of my friends here want to do anything I like.....

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