Friday, February 13, 2015

Court Warming Week!

Do most high schools have a "court warming"...?
I don't think my old school ever did. 
Anyways, my current high school has a court warming which is basically a homecoming but for basketball. They used to have a dance, but everyone here is LAME and apparently they tried to have a dance a couple of years ago and no one showed up. So now they have the basketball game, and have the royalty and everything, but in lieu of a dance, it's a big volleyball tournament between each of the grades.

But that's at the end of the week. During the week there are dress up days:

Day 1: Black Out
(the worst picture ever! i am crying. why didn't we retake it. also why do boys like being dumb.)

Do you like how I just made it super small?? HAHAHAHA

Day 2: Flannel/Plaid
(no boys = easier, cuter life.)
PS we love the library. 

Day 3: USA day
Makenna and I were telling each other what we were wearing the night before and we thought of the same thing! It's so great when we think alike.

What is my face doing.....

Note to self: Savannah's camera sucks. Use my phone from now on.

Day 4: NEON

I'm obviously the most spirited.

Went to the court warming game, we won! I guess that's the end of this week.

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