Wednesday, February 11, 2015


My family is one of those families that has lots of allergies (milk, eggs, and nuts) and lots of picky eaters. We don't have much variety. We eat spaghetti at least twice a week. Once we went to Washington DC and my brothers wanted to eat McDonalds for every meal. 

I love trying new foods though, and two of my New Years resolutions are to cook more and try new things, so I decided that I want to start making different cultural foods and try out some more of the food places in Kansas City and review them on Yelp! 

I found this really cool website with 80 different desserts from different countries! (so excited but also crying because I want to eat healthy):

Today I thought I'd make empanadas. I've never had them before (yes I'm super un-cultured), so I don't know if they turned out how they were supposed to...? I know that usually they are fried though and we baked them to make them healthier. We also don't like meat so we filled them with kale and mozzarella cheese and random seasonings that I found in the pantry that looked like they could be added together... I'm obviously a master chef because I just mix random stuff together and it turns out okay-ish. If I had tomatoes I would have added that because that sounds good. And olives.

But I enjoyed taking pictures of me making them, so enjoy my crazy photography/artsy skillsss
You probably wouldn't want to get lessons on how to make these. I can make killer smoothies and pies and yeah. But I will be posting more cool stuff. Like food.

Go Mikaylie. You roll out that dough. You are fabulous. 

Next, you cut into circles. No cookie cutter, no problem. Just get a empty sour cream container that you were about to recycle and trace around them. Trust me, that's what professionals do.

Super cool fillings. Super artsy.

 Final products. Made the healthy ones, and the berry filled/chocolate covered ones. Oops....

feel free to hire me to drizzle chocolate on your food any day
i can do even better. that was a practice.

I'm an aspiring trophy wife obviously. Jk, Makenna hates when I say that. 

I am a strong independent woman who wants to learn how to cook for herself....and for boys. 
Where you boys at?????????


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