Thursday, February 12, 2015

I did "nothing" today

Whenever people ask me what I've done today, I say "nothing" 9 out of 10 times because I'm lazy and don't want to put in the effort to continue a conversation.

So here's what "nothing" looks like:

Went to Walmart at 6:55 AM to buy neon leggings because it was neon day at school. They didn't have any (they weren't for me, they were for Makenna because I'm such a good friend).

Instead I found this beautiful sweatshirt for $9! Someone please go buy it for me....

I bought these valentines cards last night for 98 cents! They are so cheesy, and people took offense to the Princess Pea (?) ones because they said "beauty on the inside is what really matters" hahaha

Usually I get the scratch and sniff ones from the dollar store, but when I got there they only had Easter and St. Patrick's day stuff! Lame.

Half of my friends thought it was freaking funny, and the other half made fun of me for acting like a 5 year old

I hope no one actually bought these for their kids because they are...odd. I find it unusual that they all have scripture references on the back--okay, I find it freaking weird and funny.

Once I got to school I started freaking out because I had procrastinated to the max and had something due in every class but one. I was trying to write my essay and study for Spanish and study for Chemistry and finish all of my projects in 20 min. I decided I was going to just skip Chemistry so that I wouldn't fail the quiz, but then decided to just take it and hope for the best. 

After school I went thrift shopping.
Then to practice.
Then to a youth leadership meeting for church.

Then Makenna came over and I told her to wake me up after I took a 10 min power nap and I ended up sleeping for an hour. 
Then we went to Steak and Shake and she bought a milkshake and fries and naturally I didn't get anything and just ate her food.

Then I came home and started writing this while singing to my favorite songs (I sing a lot) with my house dead silent because my family freaking goes to sleep at like 8 PM.

The end. I did nothing.

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