Sunday, February 8, 2015

The River Market

This morning we set out to Union Station for one of their Saturday Seminars. Makenna's teacher offers extra credit for every one they attend, and I usually like these type of things so I invited myself! The one today was so boring though. 

I had found this beignet (ben-yey) shop pretty close though, so I was happy in the end! It was right in the middle of the River Market, so we had to explore some other places too right? RIGHT.

 one of my favorite places! the best thing to do is just walk by every shop and take in all the new odd amazing smells
Makenna got a chocolate covered raspberry beignet, and I got Bavarian cream-the chocolate one was better, but they were both amazing! I will definitely be coming back
 The whole shop is New Orleans/Mardi Gras themed 
look at this painting. it is beautiful

 I cannot wait to return! I want to try every type of beignet. Especially the chocolate truffle, chocolate peanut butter cup, chocolate hazelnut, butterfinger, and Nutella. A little skeptical of peanut butter and jelly though...

 Warning: beignets are covered in powder sugar and are very messy. I am also very messy, so those don't go very well together. 

The little yellow thing on the right is a "lemon nut"...? I think? Makenna walked into an Indian market and the men (old men) running it said that she had "pretty eyes" and gave her a bag of them for free HAHAHA I'm so glad I have pretty friends who guys give stuff to and then they share it with me.... 

Went to Lollicup and got a mango/strawberry smoothie! Can't remember the name, but it was tasty! Notice my high quality picture of it..... I want to go back and get a green smoothie with lots of kale and chia seeds haha I'm such a weirdo.

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