Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Meet me in St. Louis

My mom kept quoting that movie.
It looks old and boring.

Anyways, after state, we went around to experience a little bit of St. Louis.

Started at the famous gateway arch.

We went under it and watched the history movie, and then got our tickets to go to the top!

had to get in this super sketch little pod shuttle thing. they said don't take pictures while getting in. wer're rebels obviously.

my professional picture. it's of what outside the window but it doesn't look like anything. it's the river. my face is cute i know.

St. Louis:

Saw this while walking back to the car *insert crying face*
If you get this inside joke you are probably scared too.

Saw this and felt inspired. It's so pretty!
I really want to go downtown and find super cool graffiti!

My mom said I could pick where to have dinner! My brothers wanted their typical McDonald's and my parents wanted Italian (like always), and although Italian is usually my favorite, I wanted to try something different.

So I chose Middle Eastern/Mediterranean! I really wanted lamb gyro (I didn't realize that this was only at Greek places), and they ended up not even having it.

I got a falafel sandwich though and curry lentil soup and a kinda weird salad and my family all got shawarma.
super good pita bread!

falafel is made of chickpeas in case you wanted to know, it's pretty cool. 

If you ever want to find a good place to eat, use Yelp.com 
I use it all the time. Any cool new place I try out is because of it.

Our last stop before we headed back was the temple.

It's good to be back.

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