Thursday, June 30, 2016

Shakespeare in the Park

How did I luck out?
It was my favorite play this year!


(So much better than last year's King Leer)

I mean isn't the set so dreamy??

I made Benny come really early so we got a good seat. 
Buttt we forgot a blanket.
Luckily a really really nice lady came and shared with us.

Like our snacks??
Sushi. Cheesecake. Cherry Coke. Lemonade.

Also isn't the program so dope. 
I'm obsessed with the design.

Andddd this was the picture that made the security lady come and talk to me and tell me to delete it.
Same lady as last year.
I still don't understand.
She obviously didn't understand that there is a "recently deleted" album. Oops.

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