Sunday, June 12, 2016


Yet another stop along the way to Utah!
Even though taking I-80 (through Colorado) is 2 hours longer (18 hours), it's definitely the more scenic interesting route. We stopped in Colorado Springs at like 1 in the morning and slept at a sketchy Walmart parking lot haha. This was the first time we've ever done this, and I honestly don't think I would have worried at all, except this town had like 50 other homeless people sleeping in the parking lot too. Also the fact that we had been driving around for an hour and had realized that Colorado Springs is so much sketchier than we had ever known!

We only ended up sleeping probably 5 hours, because we got up early to hike the incline.
(better renamed: the stairs of Hell)

Oh it was so refreshing to finally be able to look down!
It was on this hike that I realized I'm SO out of shape. Like so bad.
The way back down was not down the stairs, but down the side/back. And it wasn't stairs!!!

thank goodness

It took two times longer to get back down than it took to get up.

After we made it down it was only like 10, so we decided to go to the Garden of the Gods.
I'm sure it would be a billion times better to get to rock wall climb it, which I want to do so bad! But besides that, it was pretty red rocks that I would rather see in Moab or Arches.

Then we went to get Mexican food (brothers got BK bc they are lame), and I found out I got a B on my final so I ended with a 92% in the class which sucks because it's an A-, but it was a billion times better than the grade I thought I would get!

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