Saturday, June 25, 2016


I don't know if I already mentioned this, but I went through like a week or two of just reading a TON. It's a blessing and a curse that I can read fast (mostly blessing). But for that couple of weeks I really didn't do anything else haha. It was totally worth it though. This "Selection" series was amazing. Like perfectly cheesy and had no unexpected plot twists. It was just my type of romance read. I really hate those books like Hunger Games or Divergent where they have a plot twist and screw up the whole romance. This series is perfectly predictable. Just how I like it! I am waiting for the 5th book in the series though. Only 48th in line on hold now.....It used to be 187th. Sooooo looks like I won't be able to get to read it unless the e-book version comes in because I leave soon!

When Benny worked at Panera this lady came in and gave him Zona Rosa coupons (mall by us) which is super random, but one was an "All you can fit in a 16oz cup for $4" frozen yogurt coupon.



When we got there though, she gave it to me for FREE ugh I love the world.

That little separator thing was a bad idea though. Because I got less than I could have without it. I should've just loaded it up without it. Bummer. One day when I'm really rich (a common thing I say) or just want to blow $20, I'm going to go back and fill up a huge one.

(don't know why it's not focused on anything. oh well)
Last Panera date.

Dating someone who works at Panera has it's benefits.
girls take notes

You get 75% off the day you work (or if coworkers are nice lol) so we could both eat our hearts out for like $10 max and it was glorious.

Won't be going back there "till I'm rich" because food is hecka expensive man.

First (and last lol) Royals game I will go to all year. 
I'm pretty sure both of us looked up how the teams were doing this year just so we could sound smart to each other and come up with an accurate prediction. 



of courseeeeee


"I didn't just look that up, I actually follow the Royals"

Well guess who was still right. Me. 


Wow. Doesn't this look interestinggggg????
Oh the things we make at work....

I've made breakfast calzones, banana boats, stuffed mushrooms, rice pudding.

It's a party.

The stuffed mushrooms were a huge success though, everyone started making them for fun haha

Yum food. 
Making crepes is a pain in the butt, but they are yummy!

Benny went to St. Thomas and kept sending back pretty pictures to make me jealous.


Someone in my family posted this on Facebook because the little boy in the middle is my dad!!!


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