Tuesday, June 28, 2016


I have been wanting to go here forever.

And finally we did.

And it did not disappoint!

We went to an apiary in Atchinson, Kansas--about an hour away from my house in Kansas City. The drive was beautiful and I was driving so it wasn't frustrating at all (I have a lot of pet peeves of other people's driving). 

It's called Hillside Honey.

**If you aren't interested in the background of how this little--but growing--business came about then just skip this next paragraph. It is very interesting to me, but it would be far superior if you heard it from the owner's themselves and saw it in person!**

The owner's are a married couple and their family. He is a veteran and wanted to get into a hobby to distract/cope. They had a garden in their backyard so they wanted to have a hive to help pollinate their garden. He said from there it was addicting! They have 40 (?) hives now...lol I don't remember exactly. But either way that's a ton! They turned it into a business and bought an old high school to base their office, which obviously I think is super cool haha. What I really like and respect about their business though is how they run it and how they use their money. They use the school to host a Christian homeschool type program and to slowly grow the business. It was so much cooler when they were telling us about it, but they just seemed like genuinely good people. 

Since our "tour" was just my mom and two brothers, we could basically do and see whatever we wanted. 

Kinda worried when we saw the suits because it was just a jacket with no pants. Also I was wearing Sperry's and there was like half of my foot not covered.

We bought pecan creamed honey, blackberry, jalapeƱo, and barbecue.
I picked the BBQ, and it tastes so good on grilled chicken!
Just enough sweetness for me.

Now I like looking at bugs and strive to be a National Geographic photographer lol

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