Monday, June 27, 2016

Wisdom Teeth

There were definitely pros and cons to my experience.

-got to try drugs with my mom and government's permission
-none of my teeth were impacted
-got to watch TV
-got to be awake for the procedure
-only took 7 minutes to get all four out
-recovered very quickly
-didn't swell at all

-didn't say anything funny AT ALL.
Isn't that a complete bummer?! 
The only time I can say or do whatever and not get in trouble and the laughing gas didn't do anything for me--and when they gave me a higher dosage I got nauseous.
-didn't get chubby cheeks
-couldn't milk it at all because most people couldn't even tell

mostly just mad that I didn't get a funny video. 

I guess there is the answer to what would ever happen if I got high.



This is right after.

Nothing at all.

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