Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Last time I went to the zoo felt like ages ago.
(even though it was only 3 years ago. also as i thought about that i thought "that is a long time though! that's 20% of my life! I no joke thought I was still 15....and I'm almost 18. which is still so freaking young. I just read a book where she was 19 and I thought how young that was... obviously my sense of time and age is off)

Benny and I thought it would be fun to go to Omaha though. Kinda because of the zoo, kinda because I really just wanted to see another "big city" and I'm pretty sure Omaha is the only close enough one for a day trip and "safe" (but really does anything bad happen in the midwest?)

The jellyfish were so cute, I wanted to tap the top of their head/puffy thing (???) like Dory does in Finding Nemo. (side note, not sure if I'm excited for the second movie to come out....also I never realized Ellen was the voice of Dory!! I know right?! Who didn't know??)

ALSO. I seriously want to go back so bad because they let you pet the stingrays for like $2 a person 


Is that where we spent half the time at the zoo?

You know it.

Seriously though. If I ever get rich, I'm going to have a pond right when you walk into my house with a waterfall thing falling down from the ceiling and a glass roof above it, and stingrays are going to be swimming in it. And I will make sure I know an exotic animal veterinarian or learn how to trim down their barbs. And I will feed them and when I have guests over I'll let them feed them with the little fish and it will be so cool!

We visited the Winter Quarters temple which is actually SO much smaller than how big it looks in the picture (or maybe it just looks big in the picture to me). We were planning on going in but apparently we had to have made a reservation weeks ago or come with a ward because it was way too small. Instead we went to the visitor's center. There was a really really pretty girl there with a really nice watch and bag (not that it mattered) who was a flight attendant !!! I've always wanted to be that...well kinda...kinda not, but it would be an amazing job. She had a 29 hour layover--which sucks--but it was cool that she got to explore for that long.

After, we went to Runza--which is apparently a chain started in Lincoln (the capitol, which I totally now know since I moved to the midwest). I have never heard of it though. Weird right? There are thousands of chain restaurants I don't know of in the I kinda thought that was deep and now I'm embarrassed at how much I'm in love with food. Oh well.

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