Saturday, July 30, 2016


Right before we headed up to Laie, we went to church at a beautiful tabernacle in Honolulu that was built before WWII. Basically everyone we met was a visitor! It was really cool though--mostly because they had awesome trees that you could swing from haha....

not going to lie, my calves look pretty good lol

After our adventures at church we started driving up the coast towards Laie.
There were lots of stops with lots of tourists.
We saw the windward (?) side which had the "blow hole", and just pretty big waves.

We drove up to Laie after church on Sunday.

The "storm" (not really a storm compared to KC) Darby was still passing by, so everything looked sad and rainy and depressing. As in Seattle depressing. Haha I swear I could never ever live in Washington--I'd be depressed all the time!

Anyways, things were not looking good. Everyone from the city said it was "REALLY country" which scared me, and the city was awful too so I had no clue what the heck I was going to do for 8 months.

Monday came around, and we did our first  day of confined dives for scuba diving certification. It was exhausting, and boring, and painful since we had to get salt water in our eyes and nose.

After, I had check-in for BYUH. I met some people in line. I mostly just talked to a guy named Ethan from California (everyone is from California)

We started moving into our dorms, and I soon found out that I'm the "messy" roommate lol

Later, we met up with Aubrey and her mom and tried out 7 Brothers Burger's.

So. Good.

Different day I had North Shore Tacos, but it's almost exactly like Cafe Rio!

Later, we went to the Dole Plantation and tried their food, but mostly their ice-cream!

Not going to lie, I've probably already gained 15 pounds haha! Every lunch and dinner I have ice cream, and I am excited to go to the "Seasider" (basically BYU creamery) and get acai bowls and smoothies and ice cream haha

Don't worry all that food was on different days. I've had lots of orientation stuff in between them. And it's cool because everyone actually goes to it! They aren't like "too cool" to go. 

I've met sooooo many people I can't remember anyone's names haha. I do have a main group of people that I hang out with though. I remember most of ^ their ^ names. We have all gone night swimming together a couple nights! And....swimming in the day too. Taking full advantage of living by a beach haha. 

I met a few of my closer friends through Ethan at breakfast:

And then we just get together with even more people and our group has become huge now! It's so weird because it feels like EFY. It's like everyone is trying to make tons of friends and then we are going to leave--but really we are just going to start school. It's the weirdest feeling ever.

(Not actually in that picture because me and two friends left like 5 minutes before they took it!)

Talked my advisor and finally switched my schedule to take harder classes. Kinda stressed about Physics 2, apparently that class and Book of Mormon are intense. I'm also taking photography "online", so I am taking 17 credits. Trying to get a job--maybe. It would need to be easy and not give too many hours.

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