Tuesday, July 12, 2016



I really will do pretty much anything for food. It's actually depressing really. Fortunately this year I was actually in town--last year we were 1 hour away and at youth conference, year before we were in Utah (?), year before that we were moving, AND I recruited these cuties to come with me! We both got the ultimate spicy chicken sandwich, shared fries, and got drinks, and she got a happy meal. It brings back good memories of all the free food days we went to last year.

Ayla's face in this picture cracks me up haha. The lady who took our picture let her hold her stuffed cow and Ayla did NOT want to hold it, but we didn't realize that till after! And of course my face is peeling like crazyyyy and Benny's hair just got cut short for his mission so it's going crazy too haha! Even with all that going on though, this is probably one of my favorite pictures ever.

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