Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Friends in College

I am so happy to say I have some rockin' friends.

Throughout high school, good friends have always been hard to find. There aren't many people to choose from with your same values, and even then, it is just difficult to be the judge of character.

I think part of what made it so hard was that people already had friend groups when I arrived in Kansas City, and they had to stick to what their typical character was.

Here, I am again at a relatively small school, but unlike BYU Provo or Idaho, I have not met anyone who has come with friends. It's amazing. Not only for me--but for everyone. Now is the time to reinvent yourself. Be the person you had wished you had always been. 

So far I've created a few--very different--relationships.

Biggest most general group of friends is:


Ohh the Ohana haha. The "Ohana" is our big (30-50ish) group of people we do stuff with. Anything from night swimming to card games to crashing dances to eating to having out own personal FHE lol. I've met a lot of different people, but this group is a pretty great bunch. So many different personalities. And the best part is feeling included! Walking through campus and seeing multiple people you know on your way to class! You just don't get that at BYU Provo... I love hearing their stories and hanging out with them. They are all so supportive! 

I'm so grateful for the culture here. Now that the upperclassmen are here I thought the dynamics would change. They haven't though! You can still sit by random people at the cafeteria haha. London and I sat down at a huge table alone and a junior guy came, then a girl, then another, until we had like 10 new people who we got to know! I would have been SO intimidated to do that before, but now it's just a norm. I truly love it so much here and just hope I can pass all my classes now haha.

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