Friday, July 8, 2016


It's been almost a whole year since I've gone to the drive-ins. This time my whole family decided to go which was a great idea because none of my brothers had gone before! I guess I just took it for granted that I've experienced a lot of things. (Well...that also kind of started once I got my license and could drive anywhere I wanted. So glad I don't have to go back to the days of asking my mom to drive me to friends' houses and movies and stores ((even though I still occasionally ask to go to the store with my mom because I don't have to pay for gas or any of the stuff we get haha)). 

Anyways, we went to see Finding Dory and Independence Day. 
Independence day was so boring I fell asleep and then came home early lol, but Finding Dory was good! 

I feel like I have seen so many movies this summer. Like so many! 
Because 1. I never really watched tons beforehand so I had to catch up 2. Benny's family buys pretty much every single movie that comes out which makes it really easy to watch every movie I've been wanting to see but didn't want to rent 3. Benny loves going out to the movies, and if he wants someone to come with him then obviously I'm going to be willing.

I can't wait till i'm old and rich.
PLAN: rent a truck for one night and put down a blow up mattress and bring the blue bag of popcorn that you buy at Costco and I can't remember the name...but it's a mix of cheddar and caramel--and stop at QT right before to get drinks (like we usually do lol) and bring lots of blankets and go in like the Fall so it gets chilly and there aren't mosquitos. 
Boom. Perfectly planned. 

And I'll take my little kids and they will fall asleep during the second movie. 

Lol I told my family I couldn't wait to have kids to dress them up as cows and take them to Chick-fil-a and that is 110% true. 
I don't want to deal with the crying or pooping or laundry or schedules, but I want to take them to do fun stuff with me because 
1. they are usually free anyways/don't eat a lot
2. they make your pictures way cuter 
3. you can get away with doing lots of stuff that is weird for a 20-30 year old to do, but add a kid and bam you are an amazing parent. 

Going to Kaleidoscope as a 20 year old? Nope. Add a kid? Perfectly acceptable.
 Children's museums? 
Riding camels at the zoo? 
Play on the playground? 
Go to a bouncy house? 
I mean yeah I can do all of those, but if you take a kid it makes you 50 times cooler.

Wow I just got on so many different tangents. Oh well man.
Go to a drive in.
Go see Finding Dory.

I'm out.

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