Wednesday, July 6, 2016

KC Zoo

SECOND time going to the zoo this year!
That's a huge record.
Usually we don't really go to the zoo anyways--or just the little kids go, but we had a free pass because we live in one of the counties that pay extra taxes (which really doesn't make ANY sense, because the two counties that pay extra are the ones that are each like 30-45 minutes away...?). 

Usually I actually probably wouldn't have gone but I'm only going to be here for like two more weeks and I need to do everything!!! Haha that's exactly how last year was too. 

pet/hold a penguin

Bucket list item 2: ride an elephant
3: feed a giraffe (preferably here. seriously watch the video. MAGICAL)

Omaha zoo was amazing because of the stingrays, this one was great because KANGAROOS.

Casually playing on the monkey playground.....


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