Thursday, June 4, 2015

Day 8: Freedom Trail

You know DC Cupcakes?
The show?

Yeah actually I don't because my mom is anti-television, but I heard that it's a show.

So it's based off the famous Georgetown Cupcakes, and guess where its 4 locations are?
Washington D.C. (dang it I could have gone to it there.), New York (could have gone there too...), Los Angelos (wow look I could have gone to that one too!), and BOSTON! 

I finally got my life together by the time we got to Boston.

Actually I probably wouldn't have gone to it even if I had known because my family is more about cheap processed food, but fortunately they have me! A firm believer in gourmet sugar. 

....and free stuff.

Apparentlyyy they give out free cupcakes.


They give out 100 free ones every morning! All you have to do is follow them on Twitter or Facebook and they will post at 9:40 what the flavor is! I made sure we were there early. I was not going to leave there empty handed and stomach-ed (don't ask, that's just the first thing that popped in my head.

so freaking awesome right????

I'm so (un)lucky I don't live here....I would gain so much weight. I would go every morning without a doubt hahahahaha unfortunately they open at 10 so that complicates things if you work...

So I mean it's kinda a gamble of what flavor is free that day. 
There were lots of banana or coffee ones so I was praying for a good flavor.


It was Caramel Sundae!
I pronounced it like care-a-mil because I'm fancy.
It was craaaazy good.


The not free ones are put into boxes so that they don't get all over the side haha

**fun fact: if you want to ship a dozen to me it is only a small cost of $32 plus $20 for shipping. 
...I'm good with a quart of ice cream or a $7 dozen of donuts from dunkin

The store is on Newbury St in Boston. Aka $$$.
It had all the fab stores:

Kate Spade
Tory Burch
Vineyard Vines
Ann Taylor
Lulu Lemon
Lily Pulizter
Christian Dior

Basically all the cheap stores.

The main plans for this day was navigating the "Freedom Trail".
So history-yyyy.
Boston has lots of history in case you didn't know, it's kinda where the American Revolution started.

It's amazing what people have come up with to educate tourists!
There is a red brick trail throughout the city that leads to all the important historical monuments and stuff.

They have people dressed up who can take you one the tours, or you can buy "headsets" (I hate that word so much), or you can be super cheap like us and download an app and then realize it just isn't the same because no one pays attention and backtrack to buy the headsets.

ignore my weird hand.

They are basically plastic mp3 players that you get to keep that tell you lots of history about all the spots. It's nice for people how don't like being in the groups because: 
1. you can't stop and get food 2. can't stop to go to the bathroom 3. they are crowded 4. people. ew.
4 is a joke. I love people. I'm trying to be more like Laura Larson (inside joke with myself)
crap i'm going crazyyy

Here's the map of everything on the trail.
(this is what I remember)

  1. Welcome. Yay.
  2. Boston Commons - a piece of land put away to do "common" things like hang people or put people in a pillary. Public humiliation was how the Puritan's rolled I guess. 
  3. Massachusetts State House - 

  4. Mary Dyer statue - can't even remember who she is. Sounds familiar. OH WAIT. I think she was a Quaker who got kicked out of Boston like 3 times and was then executed. Sorry too lazy to look it up. Someone else do it and comment if I was wrong.
  5. Shaw Memorial - pretty sure he led a black regiment and then all were killed in war. Civil war? I don't know yet again....
  6. William Blackstone - ha. no clue on this one too.....
  7. Park Street Church - I actually do remember stuff about this one. 
  8. -16. Granary Burying Ground - Benjamin Franklin's parents are buried here, also John Hancock, Sam Adams, Paul Revere, Mother Goose, and the Boston Massacre victims. . Also a child's grave where 50 kids are buried. So many babies died in their first year of living, so parents didn't become attached or even name their children until they turned at least one.

17. King's Chapel - didn't go inside because we didn't want to pay, and you can only take so many hours of history....
18. King's Chapel Burying Ground - the woman who the Scarlet Letter is based on was buried here! (and Easy A for those of you who aren't into literature before 2002)

19. First Public School & Benjamin Franklin statue - the coolest part was that they hadn't touched the land where the first school (latin school) was and they are starting the excavation! When we were there it was like the second day! It was my first look at an archaeological dig, even if it isn't in Egypt, it was still pretty coool.

20. Old Corner Bookstore - couldn't even find lol
21.Old South Meeting House - can't remember
22. Old State House - uhhh....
23. Boston Massacre site - that actually was cool. There was a huge round metal circle marking the spot
24. Sam Adams Statue - just a statue haha. But there were some funny street performers, not that impressive though...I remember my friends would do flips over each other all the time in Utah....

25. Faneuil Hall - there's a grasshopper on top that is famous. There was a fire and when they went to fix it they found a time capsule in the stomach! So that's cool (if I remember correctly haha.....) and now they have added Quincy Square across the street which is cool.
26. Union Oyster House - don't remember anything
27.Blackstone Block & Haymarket Vendors - on Saturdays it turns into a farmers market which I love!
28. Paul Revere house- didn't want to go in/pay/bored
29. North Square - don't remember...maybe I didn't go to
30. Thomas Hutchinson's House and Rose Kennedy's Birthplace - why are these even important? I don't even know.
31. Paul Revere Statue -'s a statue
32. Old North Church - the church where the two lanterns were held when the redcoats traveled by sea!
33. Copp's Hill Burying Ground - another cemetery. 
34. The Brinks Robbery & Great Molasses Flood - there was a big robbery here with lots of money, but even cooler was the molasses flood! There was a 1,000,000 gallon thing of molasses and it got so hot one day that it expanded and broke creating a TIDAL WAVE of molasses! It killed 27 people! And the molasses was tracked throughout the whole city.
35. Bridge to Charlestown - crosses the river to Charlestown....

36. Bunker Hill (it's the tall thing in the distance in the last picture) - 
let me just say this: running up 295 stairs is a bad idea. 
Also it didn't help that all I'd eaten was ice cream....and 9 scoops of it....
AND the Bunker Hill monument was built before the Washington monument so technically the Washington monument was based off of it not the other way around.

 this isn't supposed to be artsy. i was literally just trying to swallow my puke. see the red jacket on the sill? that's where i was going to throw up. also probably splash onto my brother who wouldn't get away from me. 

37-40 - we didn't have time to go to....

Thank GOODNESS we weren't in a group, because guess where I took a break?


It's for cancer so that's super good too!

so they had tons of stands with different ice cream brands and flavors
i've never heard of Hood though...

had friend ice cream, jelly donut (NASTY), celebration, and like 7 other flavors.

That's how many scoops I ate.
Like 9.
I totally could have done better.

Also i should paint my nails....

Last but not least we stopped at a thrift store.
I mean I can't be Mikaylie in Boston if I didn't have ice cream, free food, and thrift stores!

Mi madre and I stopped by a place called Boomerangs.
I really wanted to find a rich thrift store, but I guess this had to do.

I bought a real leather Ann Taylor jacket for $25!
(I honestly don't know how I'm even going to wear this. Can I even pull this off? Oh perfect, so glad I bought it. Just in time for Missouri's 101 degree 101% humidity summers. yayyyyyy)

A strapped Gap t-shirt dress that I will take in because it's big, but it was only like $6

And a cool shirt.


thrift stores


okay, end of day ocho.

Also thanks Sav for letting me wear your cute shirtttttt

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