Friday, June 5, 2015

Day 9: Museum of Science

Today was a pretty slow day.
Got up at like 7:30 and left the apartment at like 10.
We met our cousin (in-law?) and cousin (once removed) to get on the T to get to the Science Museum

I've learned many things on this trip, but the two most important:

1. I am super organized and am always the first one ready in the morning

2. I like fast paced life. I was done with the museum about 2.5 hours faster than them. WE STAYED LIKE  HOURS. dyingggggggg

As cool as everything was there were 3 really cool things:

1. there was a whole area where you got a wristband and then scanned it at different stations where you did tests and then they compared your results with everyone else in the museum that day! So they measured how easy you are distracted, ear size, walking pace, foot flatness, etc. I thought it was super cool. Correction, it IS super cool and if you disagree we can't be friends.

2. There was a guy who gave a presentation on space stuff now-a-days. First off, that's super cool because personally I don't really know what's going on!

So apparently there is live feed from the international space station!
Isn't that sooooo cool!?!?!

Here's the link:

It also shows where the ISS is!

Also apparently there is a company called SpaceX that's trying to make reusable rockets. This is super important because they are SO expensive to launch and then we can't reuse them, and then there's tons of debris floating in space!

So far they have launched twice.

Here's January's launch.....

Seems kind of like a fail right? That's what I was thinking, but really it wasn't! It was actually pretty successful, because they sent supplies to the Space Station, and got back to the landing pad, and touched it! ...before blowing up hahaha

Here is April's attempted landing:

A little better! I mean it basically landed but then ran out of fuel on one side so it couldn't prop itself up. The presenter said it was just a "rapid unsheduled disassembly" not and explosion!
Go you for being positive.


I don't know where to find that though... I keep looking...

Also, I've decided I want to see a take-off!!!
Someone come take a trip to Florida with me! I will make it unforgettable I promise.
Texas and California has them too right..? We can go anytime. I'm down.

Next cool thing. So I actually heard this from my 9th grade Algebra 2 teacher:
They are sending a twin into space.

lol here he is

He is one of the two people (other man is from Russia) who is getting sent to space for more that 6 months (which is the typical amount of time people go out to the space station, current record is 7 months), they are staying for a year! I think these are just US records though because Valeri Polyakov stayed for 14 months so now I'm confused...I'll have to research it more. 

Kinda scary that the two men are totally okay with being tested on considering that our bodies function differently in space, but I guess that's why they are sending them! It will be interesting to see because they will perform the same tests on the US man's twin on Earth! 

Why is this important?

Because to send a man to Earth takes more than a year to get there, spend some time there, and come back. 

Last cool thing:

9 YEARS ago and 11 MONTHS they sent out New Horizon to fly past PLUTO.
Guess when it will pass??



I'm sooooooo excited!

We don't have any pictures of Pluto that aren't super blurry so this is so exciting!

Scientists have also learned that Pluto has multiple moons that all chaotically rotate around Pluto. It has one moon that is rather large so the gravity of Pluto and it kinda mess up all the rotations of all the other moons.

These are the clearest images of Pluto we have. Isn't that so sad?!


best birthday gift ever.

I love space guys....I have sooooooo many questions which is good! It means I actually care haha.
I think that I'm going to do a huge project this summer about space travel. 
Maybe I'll even post it on here haha
 Beware it will probably be like 60,000 pages long.

3. The Lightning Show
(this is my last favorite thing at the science museum in case you forgot. i totally forgot what the number was for haha)

These are random videos I found on YouTube, but you get the jist.
It's pretty legit.

For lunch we took a quick break and tried a Italian restaurant in the North End (little Italy) called

La Famiglia Giorgio's

I'd never have remembered that without the picture

look how freaking cute!

It was so relaxing and a perfect escape from the bustling streets of Boston.

Definitely will visit again when I come to Boston again....which probably won't happen for awhile...

free bread.
i luv carbssss

the walls were so cool and hand painted! 
and my cousin is SO cuteeee!

Typical Fettuccine Alfredo 

And how do you finish off June 5th?
Welll it is National Donut Day....

And Dunkin Donuts was started in Boston.....

And they have $7 dozens.....

Yep. I made my family stop and get donuts.


  1. Ugh I just wrote a comment and deleted it so #lifeistheworst.

    NEWAYS. I was just saying that birthdays are awesome and when things fall on your birthday it's even more awesome! Also that box of donuts looks delicious and I'm glad you celebrated national donut day! I am also glad I stumbled upon your cute blog!


    1. Thanks! I checked out your blog, your dog is SO CUTE!