Saturday, June 6, 2015

Day 10: The Amazing Race

My little brother Logan turned 12, and since we were in Boston, let's make it one to remember.

My mom derived an "Amazing Race"


Me, my mom, and Logan (winning team)

my dad, Tyson, and Dylan (losing team)

jk we actually tied. like exactly. we arrived at the subway at the same time. how crazy is that? so much for never running into familiar faces in a big city!

We were each given lists of all the places to go and things to buy.
We also had to take pictures of every place, so here are the pictures with short(orrrr really long) descriptions because some of them were so dang cool!:

But first, we said goodbye to our cute cousins!

We will probably see them soon though.
Hopefully because of a wedding.
(obviously not mine)

Chinese bakery?
I think yes.
We got cream, pineapple, and coconut buns. I was in HEAVEN.

Chinatown in BOSTON.
Been to Chinatown's in San Fran, New York, and Salt Lake City

"oh look, bamboo!"

rad mural

cool net "art".
it represents "weaving the city together" because they just built a freeway that divides Boston


go America.

Marriott Tower

misters through the park!
perfect to cool off when I run (aka never)

you don't understand.
it was scary.

freaking impossible maze thing.

tribute to the Armenian's lost in the genocide

photography art fence

tower thing.
lol can't remember the name...
i mentioned it before....oh well

watch out guys. my mom is sassy (or she thinks she is)

these raspberries were only $1.50 each!

so artsy am-i-right.

we were at Maria's pastry shop but the guy who took the picture didn't get the name in it.


couple casually making out for like 10 minutes. 
so naturally i just sat there watching DYING of laughter.

Mike's pastry!

you must have cannoli's from Mike's!

I couldn't go to Boston without getting a Boston Cream Pie!

I love how many events there are all the time in Boston!

Swan boats in Boston Commons

Talked to the guy running our boat for a while, turns out he has to PEDAL our boat! I felt so bad. The guys running it had killer legs!

two different performers.
the Chinese guy was playing a Erhu, it was soooo pretty. he should've been getting all the money but the other guy got more money doing his weird things.... 

Boston Library

Book sale! I bought two books for $2. 
We will see if they are actually good!

Boston Marathon line.
Cool cathedral.

Tortoise and the hare to represent the slow and fast in the Boston Marathon.
SO STUPID THOUGH because you have to qualify for the marathon making the people in it ALL fast orrrrr fastER.

creeper pic of this super preppy cute couple. 

Church of Christ, Scientist

The Mapparium is sooooo cool!
It's a huge globe you can go into and the magnifications of your voice are crazy!

Looks crappy from the outside.....

The Snapple machine moves to the side...
and BAM!
Nice shoe store!

Fenway Park
Go Royals.
Jk I really don't care that much about baseball....

Future college?

Let's just pretend that's a picture of me hahahaha
HARVARD is where it's at babes.
Or Yale.
I want to be a Yalie. 
(But without the negative connotations)

So. Dang. Pretty.
Got like 7 callouses though....

The end dudes.

Going home tomorrowwww.

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