Monday, June 1, 2015

Day 5: Rain, Rain, Go Away....

My whole family got up at 10 AM.
What is this.
I can't handle this.
I went to bed 4 hours later than them and woke up 3 hours early, I don't understand.

So my mom was like "let's go on a walk"
And I was like "heck no it's cold"
(I thought that this would be a summer vacation so I didn't bring any sweatshirts or jackets and it ended up being cold.)

But then I was like "you know what I will regret it if I don't just get out and do everything"
And I'm glad that I decided to go.

We went on this adventurous walk that kinda turned into a "explore all my problems and over think my life kinda things".... I have those way too often....

That was random and unnessessary.
Anyways. I thought that it was going to be lame because it was just an "overlook walk"

totally worth it though


not getting in the water anymore. nope. nope. nope.

andddddd all the pictures were lost yet again....

After, it was kinda(really) pouring a lot.

What is there to do inside at Cape Cod?

Pretty much nothing.

Since it's a National Park though, we decided to check out the information place.

It's ironic how they keep wanting to preserve all the wildlife and protect the animals from not becoming extinct, when that's actually what we should be about: evolution. The cape will probably disappear or move south, but it isn't humans place to keep trying to stop or delay much for protecting wildlife....
We also watched like 3 documentaries that were created in the 70's.

The music in them was atrocious.

okayyyy and back to being happy againnnnnn

So then we went to an old Coast Guard rescue house, it was kinda cool seeing how they rescued people I guess haha

After we drove to see the Mayflower monument (?) 
I don't know because we only drove up to it saw the ludicrous admission prices, ranted about how Cape Cod is a tourist trap, and left hahahah

After that fun, we went to a BBQ/Seafood place.
I know right?
Those shouldn't mix.

ALSO. When you are coming from the BBQ capitol of America, why would you get BBQ..???

Ordered the Seaman's Platter..?

It was fried clams, cod, calamari, scallops, and shrimp with onion rings and fries.

Yup. Everything.

I felt soooo sick after...I think I'm allergic to seafood.....

Also clams are NASTY.

That's kinda what Cape Cod is famous for though so I had to get some. 

....probably won't be getting them for awhile though....

LOOK this is what the parking lot was!

After we went to the movies.
This is what native New Englander's do apparently.?

I still hadn't seen Avengers 2 so I watched that and my family watched Tomorrow Land (or is that one word?). I don't think Marvel could ever make a movie I don't like. I love superheroes.

buuuuttttt. look at this bathroom stall.

(holy cow i've lost it. i'm crazy)

Like I was getting dizzy in it! This could probably cause heart attacks and strokes and cancer and make me pass out because it's so...dizzy-ing.

After, guess what happened.



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