Thursday, June 11, 2015


Once upon a time, in January 2015, my school had a blood drive.

I was in St. Louis for state dive though.

So I didn't give blood.

Bummer right?

I'm not being sarcastic. That actually does suck.
I really wanted to give blood!
I'm kind of weird like that I guess... I think that when there's a little bit of pain it makes things more fun and real. Like I enjoy flu shots...
I kind of just like a little pain and adrenaline from it...
Holy heck I sound crazy.

Lol well guess what: I am crazy.

I mean look how happy I am!
Haaaa not the second picture...that's just my natural relaxed face where I look like I'm ticked off and I'm not....

I thought it was going to hurt, but honestly it didn't hurt that much.
She said I have really visible veins so that made it easier.
I'll probably go back and donate platelets in 3 weeks.

There was a guy there who had donated 23 GALLONS!
That means he's donated 184 times!
That means he's come every 8 weeks in the past 28 years!

Look! I like didn't even bruise or anything!
It just looks like a dot. How lovely.

In case you can't tell I'm super proud.
I could have a whole photo shoot with my blue band. 
It just matches perfectly!
And my dress is adorable.

It's so fun!
Didn't feel light headed at all.

P.S. Thanks Kenna for driving me just in case I got dizzy or passed out.


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    1. Thanks!!! I want buy so many moreeeee
      This one is from Gap. I feel like I'm going to buy a ton from Asos or Old Navy.