Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Day 6: Boston

Started the day out with some healthy Mikky-D's.

Went to a trout hatchery, don't know why because we stayed like 10 minutes haha
I think my parents just wanted to make sure we saw EVERYTHING that we could.

OKAY. This picture has an explanation. 
(I wanted to take a selfie)
I thought it was Summer.
Apparently not.

Help. Send me coats.

After we went to a glass blowing museum which was actually pretty cool.
I felt like a cool cat.
kool kat.
kit kat.

The blowing glass was soooo funny!
And he said "gravy" 
As in "that's gravy"
I'm definitely going to say that hahah

The oven was 2200 degrees F! It take 3 weeks to reheat it to that temperature and 1 week for it to cool completely. 
And when you make something you have to leave it in the oven to cool gradually, so when he made the vase it take 12-14 hours to cool, but for large things it could take days, months, or years!

The Hubble Telescope's glass took 1.5 YEARS to cool completely! 
AND there's a 50% chance that it will crack or shatter while cooling!

We went to a Walmart to get groceries and I totally saw a drug deal go down.
Apparently my cousin said someone tried to sell to him too hahaha
Like no one hides it! 
He just walks around the corner with some pot.
Like okay dude. 
I'm not going to mess with you because I'm alone in the back seat of a minivan, but okay.

Look what song came on as we were on our way to Boston!
So perfect.

Okay. So I've discovered that to be a real Cape Cod-er you must....
have an American flag
have a rainbow gay rights flag
have a bird, lobster, fish, or whale on your house
be old
have a white house or a shingle house (good description right)
have beautiful flowerssss!

i look kinda freaking preppy 
i luv it

shoutout to sav for her cute clothes

We got into our rental apartment!
So cuuuuute!

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