Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Exciting Dayyyyy

Today was exciting.
Like SO exciting.

Like so "exciting" I can't tell you about it HAHAHA

my mom said I couldn't post it online.

so come talk to me and I'll tell you all about my day (;

orrrrr don't because you might hardcore judge me.

BUT while I was doing something else, Makenna gave blood!

Go her.
Giving blood is fun.

Thennnn we went to B-dubs because it was Tuesday and we thought it was wing Tuesdays!

Well it turned out it wasn't.
It was like regular something or other day for 65 cents each so we were like heck yes let's do this.

I discovered that I basically can't handle anything in like....the red/orange rating and higher...

Yes I'm a baby....

We just decided to try 3 flavors:
honey mustard
honey bbq
caribbean jerk

Caribbean jerk is gross in my opinion.

And too spicy for me.

Also I still have no idea why we tried caribbean jerk because one of the sauce tester people came over and we tried all of them and picked out different flavors and then makenna just ordered that one, so I'm just really confused now.... oh well.

**If you want to be our friend you must be used to awkward pictures with food lololol

Also I accidentally had the flash on in that first picture...so embarrassing...
...at least I wasn't taking a picture of a random person...

messy eaters??
no, never.


at work I accidentally put a crust in the oven for too long and it made a HUGE bubble!!!

isn't it so cool??????

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