Friday, June 12, 2015

KC --> IA --> MN

Like all of my trips, we started out in Kansas City, Missouri.

Where are we going though?

Twin Cities babyyyy!

My cousin Ryan was having a grad party and we thought "what the heck let's do this."
My dad was originally going to come but then he couldn't, so we got to leave earlier and stay longer!

Don't worry.
I was only going 75 mph.
I promised not to go over 7 mph a hour.

Awww yeah
Finally got to Iowa after 2 hours.
Only 4 hours to go.

Des Moines is halfway so we decided to rest there
andddddd we were really hungry since we ate the WHOLE BOX of raspberries in 15 minutes...
and I mean why not explore a city you don't visit often?

First we found this super consignment store.
And didn't buy anything....
lame I know.

BUT we found an ADORABLE bakery called La Mie
(which I think means the crumb in French. don't quote me on that)

yay for awkward and blurry pics
if you ever come anywhere with us you will find that we often take pictures of each other eating and sometimes try to sneak pictures without other people judging us or noticing

We both got soup and bread and I got chocolate cheesecake 
Oh my gosh I'm in love with sugar.

here ya go.
that's des moines.

and here's the capitol!

And the best pictures we took all trip:

don't worry we actually went inside.

and let me tell you, the bathrooms were pretty rad.

those are genie bottle sinks!

couches in the bathrooms. 
need I say more?

andddd on the road again.
and look!


attending Ryan's (my cousin's) grad party like the most awkward peeps everrrrr

casually sitting by ourselves
taking awkward pics
making eye contact with like everyone but not talking to them

i luv fire.

We slept in soooo late because we were so tired....

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