Sunday, June 7, 2015

Day 11: Home

Took us hours to get to the airport.
Quite a sight.

was i sassy and fed up?
of course not.

let ME tell YOU

It feels so good to be back.
I feel so much more free because my parents wouldn't let me go anywhere alone which sucks.

So what happened when I got home?

Makenna and I made Savannah a 1/2 birthday cake.
Yeah I know.
We are cool.

I just wanted to do something funnnnn!

The cake was like on verge cute.
It was a cute idea.
The icing was probably the wrong kind.
Also I'm not a cake decorator....

We also realized that we left our really nice camera in the Boston airport....
It had SO MANY pictures....


Someone returned it!

Faith in humanity restored!

Miracles do happen!

So we had to pay $75 to ship it here, and I guess I will have to go through all my old posts and add all the other pictures!

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