Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Fools!

Here's the deal.
So I'm actually very funny and evil but....
I didn't do any April fools day pranks because I'm lame.

I did make Oreo birthday cake balls!
They are so good.
I told my mom I was making them for a friend, and I was... but I have eaten most of them myself and she has received zero of them....

I kept my brothers from eating them by telling them that they were chocolate covered meatballs for April fools day.... HAHA well jokes on you because they were actually cake bites.

They are from Olivia's blog
Her blog is awesome.

For lunch Dylan and I went to my dad's work to eat with him. The food there is THE BEST. Like the chef is amazing.

i love food.

you could basically get whatever you want.
i got three things of ice cream.....

My mom thought she was really funny and told me that she bought ice 
cream (yes I eat a lot of ice cream)

really funny mom.
(it's mashed potatoes)

Later we had another campfire. I anticipate lots more campfires this summer. I'm going to smell like smoke allllllll the time.

roast peeps guys! they taste sooooo much better than normal marshmallows.

So yeah. Lame I know. I'm super lame because I didn't do anything cruel. I should have though....

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